Toronto-based VFX startup MARZ raises $5.3M to develop AI technology solutions – TechCrunch


Technology and visual effects startups Monster Alien Robot Zombie (MARZ) Raised $ 5.3 million in Series A funding. The investment was led by Round 13 Captial with the participation of Rhino Ventures and Harlo Equity Partners. MARZ will use this money to grow its core VFX business and accelerate the development of “AI for VFX” technology solutions.

The Toronto-based studio was launched in 2018 and faces the entertainment industry with the shortage of VFX capacity caused by the streaming war, the corresponding explosive growth of on-demand content, and the importance of VFX in driving. We are developing AI solutions aimed at addressing several challenges. Increase in subscribers.

“We will use this money to accelerate the research and development of” AI for VFX “solutions, including two AI products currently under development,” MARZ co-founder and co-president Jonathan Bronfman emailed TechCrunch. “Along with this, funding will be allocated to recruit key personnel in research, engineering and product organizations. This funding will also be used to expand hardware capabilities and infrastructure, thereby expanding AI. R & D will be significantly reduced and the capacity efficiency of both AI products will be improved. “

Bronfman said that while most of the money goes to developing unique AI solutions, it also helps accelerate the growth of traditional VFX services businesses that are synergistic with MARZ’s AI business.

The company has worked on 88 projects in the first three years of its launch, including Marvel’s WandaVision, HBO’s Watchmen, Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, and Apple TV +’s Invasion. MARZ completed 13 projects in the first year, 21 projects in the second year, and 54 projects in the third year.

MARZ has grown from 45 employees in 2019 to 194 today and plans to increase the team to 300 next year. More than a quarter of today’s employees focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence.Although the company is based in Toronto, MARZ is a remote-first company with a distributed workforce in cities around the world, including Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal, Madrid, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Moscow, Mumbai and Mexico City.

“Our mission is to democratize VFX, so creatives around the world can be streaming services, Hollywood studios, game studios, metaverse developers, or talented up-and-coming developers. You will be able to produce the most ambitious video content possible. Anyone who wants to integrate VFX into social media content, ”Bronfman wrote.

The company plans to create a set of automated AI-driven products that are integrated into both VFX and gaming technology. In the case of Hollywood, MARZ’s products are aimed at enabling you to create more ambitious content. For other markets like end users, Bronfman says MARZ’s solution aims to make VFX available for the first time.

In a statement, Round13 Capital partner Brahm Klar said, “MARZ is the fastest growing industry in the industry, with a reputation for leveraging technology to deliver best-in-class products on a record timeline. It’s one of the VFX studios. ” “By partnering with MARZ with some of Canada’s most successful investors, we can work closely with our team to build the company’s extraordinary success to date.”

Toronto-based VFX startup MARZ raises $5.3M to develop AI technology solutions – TechCrunch Source link Toronto-based VFX startup MARZ raises $5.3M to develop AI technology solutions – TechCrunch

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