Tori Spelling: I Want to Divorce Dean McDermott, But I’m Too Poor!


For months, rumors of the divorce of Tori Spelling-Dean McDermott have been spreading.

Similar reports turned out to be fake in the past, but this time all the signs seemed to point to split buildings.

beginning, Tori met a divorce lawyer After that, I went mad with her girlfriend.

Shortly thereafter Dean was found eating a Big Mac Without his wedding ring.

And yeah-there was the whole thing: “These two didn’t really like each other, and their marriage had been plagued by rumors of unfaithfulness and financial ruin from the beginning.”

However, after all these months of speculation, no separation has been announced and neither side has filed for divorce.

So what’s happening here?

2019 Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

Are Tori and Dean just waiting for their five kids to finish their vacation?

Maybe, but if they’re trying to keep this a secret, they’re doing a very poor job about it.

Hell, this year too Spell a family Christmas card, Dean is significantly absent.

Tori Spelling Holiday Card

So it doesn’t look like Tori and Dean are together for the kids.

But there may be just as good reasons as they remain legally in trouble.

According to a new report from the print version of We weekly (that’s why Duplicate by Celebitchy), Financial concerns forced Tori to withhold the divorce application.

2015 Dean McDermott

“Tori isn’t divorced because she can’t afford to divorce Dean,” one insider told the outlet.

“Between childcare costs and high-income income, the bird is financially stuck. A divorce will drive her into bankruptcy.

Another source is the tabloid, Tori and Dean. NS Prenuptial agreements can complicate the legal situation due to the length of time they have been together, the size of their chicks, or the fact that birds are significantly the top earners. there is.

Tori and Dean in 2021

“Tori wants to go as cheaply as possible,” says the insider.

Unfortunately, expensive divorces are a very rare phenomenon, especially if you have five children and millions of assets are involved.

Birds are sure Final Tired of doing what she has to do to free her marriage from its misery.

Dean McDermott and his wife

But she is not in a position to simply pay to leave Dean.

The rumor Spelling and McDermott are bankrupt It has plagued couples for years.

And even if those reports are exaggerated, it seems clear that McDermott has been struggling financially in recent years.

Hawaiian Birds and Dean

(Many things have been done about the couple’s decision to downgrade from Tony Carabasas’s mansion to a much more modest home in the working class Encino.)

As a result, Tori may have to wait months or more before he can divorce Dean without losing his shirt.

After 15 years and five children together, the man will think she has the decency not to squeeze a bird for every penny worthwhile.

However, the divorce brought the worst to the people, and Dean was very suspicious in the first place.

Tori Spelling: I Want to Divorce Dean McDermott, But I’m Too Poor! Source link Tori Spelling: I Want to Divorce Dean McDermott, But I’m Too Poor!

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