Tori Amos’ “Ocean to Ocean” tour to hit Denver’s Paramount Theatre – Denver, Colorado


Denver, Colorado 2022-05-26 09:58:41 –

The pandemic has reached Tori Amos.

Indeed, a highly acclaimed, classically trained, permanent pianist and singer-songwriter known for songs such as “Crucify,” “Cornflake Girl,” “Caught a Lite Sneeze,” and “A Sorta Fairytale.” Was okay at first.

She flocked to her husband, music engineer Mark Hawley, in their residence in Cornwall, England, and they invited their adult daughter Tash and her boyfriend to spend time with them.

Amos tried to stay busy by releasing the book “Resistance: The Story of the Diva of Hope, Change and Courage” in the first half of 2020 and the holiday EP “Christmastide” in the second half.

“I wanted to do something that wasn’t negative at the time,” Amos said in an interview in mid-April a week before the North American tour to take him to Denver’s Paramount Theater on June 2. (The show is sold out, but check it out Or the distribution market for the last ticket. )

Then came in early 2021.

“By the third blockade, I have to tell you, I’m done.”

The restrictions were incredibly strict, Amos says on a phone call from Florida, where she also has a home.

“If you didn’t have the correct license plate, they wouldn’t put you in Cornwall,” she says. “It was pretty terrible, and at that point I think I just had to write myself out of sadness.”

There was only one problem.

“Usually I take what I call a“ pilgrimage ”,” says Amos. “I travel. Finally, I haven’t traveled for more than 30 years now. I go to places and observe.

“As a songwriter, I feel it can start the process — kick-start ideas when needed,” she adds. “When I’m writing the first record, it’s a little different than when I’m writing the 16th record (laughs) because I’ve mined all the material.

Still, when the press material for her 16th studio album, Ocean to Ocean, released in October, called it her “most personal work of the years,” it’s just a marketing story. It may not be.

The song “Swim to New York State” is a declaration of love for her husband.

“Flowers Burn to Gold” was inspired by the death of his mother a few years ago.

A “spy” is “a record of bats and other eerie crawls that entered Cornish’s house at night during the heat of July and terrorized her sleeping daughter in the living room.”

And there is “29 Years”, which is a reference to the idea of ​​looking for empowerment that she established around the time of the release of her first album “Little Earthquakes”, which turned 30 this year.

“I couldn’t make the pilgrimage because I couldn’t travel,” says Amos. “I had to find another way, so I looked around and said,” OK, Team-You’re fine! “

Amos has been a myriad of albums over the years, with albums such as “Under the Pink” (1994), “Boys for Pele” (1996), “Scarlet’s Walk” (2002) and “Night of Hunters” (2011). I’ve been composing. I feature Tash as a guest vocalist, but it’s not accurate to say that all of it was easy to compose.

Tori Amos recorded his latest album, “Ocean to Ocean,” while working remotely with other musicians. (Desmond Murray)

“(If) you challenge me and say,’Would you like to write a song every day for a year?’ Yeah, of course I can do it. Someone hears it. Should it be? Probably not, “she says. “Being able to work and having the magic of singing are two very different things.”

When her “muse” appeared, they might give her just two great musical bars, from which it could take weeks, months, or even years to flesh out the song, she said. Says.

“Some songs have been hanging around for 20 years and I don’t know where to take them.”

In addition to the gift of creating memorable piano-based melodies, Amos is lyrically willing to challenge listeners. In fact, among those who don’t always understand the meaning of her song is her husband, who admits a lot to her crew.

“‘I don’t know what my wife is talking about, I don’t know what’s happening in my wife’s head, but I just obey orders,” she said with a laugh.

She allows some songs to be more mysterious than others, and the work to match the lyrics to the emotions she is trying to evoke in the music.

“I don’t just take a few words, put them in a jar, shake them and throw them to the floor. That’s your song. I don’t do that,” she says with a more laugh. “Maybe I should give it a try.”

Tori Amos’ “Ocean to Ocean” tour to hit Denver’s Paramount Theatre Source link Tori Amos’ “Ocean to Ocean” tour to hit Denver’s Paramount Theatre

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