What beats shopping for what you want from the comfort of your home? Online shopping is now as popular as going to stores to shop, if not more popular. Little wonder why people are starting to prefer online stores to offline stores. The online shopping trend isn’t actually for everyone. Some people still actually prefer going to stores to shop because they like to see and be sure of what they are paying for. The world has evolved to a level where you can control most things from your mobile device or desktop. You can actually track your shipment from any part of the world without stress. So you do not have to worry about your item not getting you.

Due to the pandemic that affected the whole world since 2019 and the infused lockdown, online stores became the best option for shopping even after the lockdown was lifted. Wearing a nose mask is as tiring as the rules and regulations enforced due to the pandemic. Secondly, passing through the risk of getting infected just because you wanted to shop for clothing or accessories is not a nice or sensible thing to do. So to be on the completely safe side and to avoid any form of stress, consumers shopped with online stores. This made most fashion stores create online stores to make things easier for their customers.

According to Ray Lowe of ComboReviews: “Having a safe place to shop without any compromise stands out as one of the greatest technological achievements of man.”

We have done some findings and have come up with the top online fashion brands you can shop within 2022 in no particular order.

The list includes:


Boohoo is no doubt one of the best online fashion stores currently. It is a fashion site that is steadily upgrading its products and garnering enough customers due to its level of consistency. They are known for having quality items that can suit anybody. Boohoo is a brand for everyone in love with Boohoo fashion. The brand always has different options to suit the taste of their customers, and the best part is, most of their items are inexpensive yet quality. They are trustworthy and reliable, and you will always get what you ordered for and at an appropriate time.

Kylie cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the fastest-growing online fashion stores globally. They have a variety of cosmetics for every skin colour, whether dark skin or fair skin. The cosmetics brand is widely known worldwide, and their various products come in different qualities, depending on what the consumer can afford.

The popularity of the owner of the brand, Kylie Jenner, makes the products even more popular and trusted. This brand comes with an extra package. You do not just get quality cosmetics, but you also get offered make-up tips. Great right?

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal first started off as an eBay store selling vintage clothing. It has progressed into one of the best fashion stores that deal on both vintage and vintage-inspired fashion in recent times.

Their items come in different sizes and forms. You can completely rely on this brand to offer upgraded fashion trends. They are reliable in terms of delivery, and they offer quality items as well.

Pretty little things

Pretty little things literally have all fashion items, from clothing, dresses, bags, shoes, and accessories. They even have beauty products. You can easily make this brand your go-to fashion brand without thinking about it much. Imagine sitting on your couch with your legs crossed and literally shopping for every fashion item you need from one store. You do not need to start surfing the internet for different fashion stores when you can get all you need from one store.


Are you looking to stay in touch with the outside world while inside your home? Then ASOS is the brand for you. They mostly display trendy fashion items, including beauty products. You can always stay in vogue with this brand. Good news for my curvy ladies! You can get a lovely plus-size collection from this brand. They sell products from other brands, and they sell theirs too. ASOS is a brand that makes its customers a top priority.

Industrie Africa

For African fashion lovers, we have the perfect brand for you. This list wouldn’t have been complete without it. Their items have amazing prints and designs that come in various forms. They sell different fashion items, like clothing, accessories, jewellery, that are completely unique, meaning you will not find them in other stores. The brand based its business on Sustainability. The brand is unique is unique in all standards. If you love being different from others, this is the brand for you that can make you stand out.


Target is a one-of-a-kind online fashion brand. You can get whatever you want from their store. The truth is that this brand is for the strong-willed. If you can focus completely on the exact thing you had in mind to buy, then you can shop on this online store. They have a bunch of awesome items to look at, with really amazing prices. This can make you easily deviate from the exact item you had in mind to buy and even spend more than your budget. You can rest assured knowing that any item you purchase from the site is quality, and you will get it at the agreed time.


This is the last brand on our list, but definitely not the list. If you like to wear items from independent designers, then luck is really on your side as you have come across the best online fashion store to suit your fashion needs. There are varieties of items to pick from on this site, and the quality of the products/items is reliable. You can also get luxury fashion items from this brand. Ssence is indeed a brand for all.

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