Saturday, September 18, 2021

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    Tonal adds live classes to its strength training workouts – TechCrunch

    Wall-mounted fitness startup Tonal announced this morning that it will bring live courses to its strength training portfolio. The company launched a live offering soft launch last December, but at the time it wasn’t as live as the pre-recorded “live, tape” to steal the line from the Larry Sanders Show.

    “”[Y]Our coaches work with you like a live class, “the company writes. Our live (beta) workouts combine the vibrant feeling of working out with a coach with Tonal’s ability to count people and wait for each set to complete. […] It’s all on demand, so you can work out at any time according to your schedule. “

    With this new service, the company’s content selection will be more in line with home fitness leaders like Peloton. Sure, live isn’t for everyone, but many users appreciate the motivation of a fixed schedule and the sense of community that comes from working with others. increase.

    The new offering, coupled with a “social zone” for interacting with fellow Tonal users, provides real-time feedback from coaches. The portfolio also includes four new coaches for live workouts. After a day, your live workout will be archived to Tonal’s on-demand service.

    “As our community has grown over the past few years, we are encouraged by the excitement that comes from organic social involvement, a thirst for more interaction with coaches, and reaching new milestones. “We did,” said Aly Orady, founder and CEO. release. “TonalLive allows you to connect these elements through your studio experience while maintaining a foundation that differentiates your workout, including personalization, guidance, and feedback.”

    Founded in 2015, the San Francisco-based company is one of the connected fitness brands that has received a lot of support as the pandemic has forced more people to rethink their training routines. Tonal has raised $ 450 million so far. This includes the $ 250 million Series E, which raised its valuation to $ 1.6 billion in March.

    Tonal adds live classes to its strength training workouts – TechCrunch Source link Tonal adds live classes to its strength training workouts – TechCrunch

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