Monday, January 24, 2022

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    Tomb Finance | Degen Yield Farming Strategies on Fantom! Tomb, Tshare, and Tbond DeFi Tutorial

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    Tomb Finance

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    Today’s video goes over Tomb Finance. A protocol built on the Fantom network that allows you to earn some crazy yields on TOMB/FTM. The first part of the video is a tutorial/overview of how it works and then in the second part, I introduce you to some yield farming strategies that you can potentially do (NFA/Make your own decisions). Enjoy!

    0:00 Intro
    0:27 What Is Tomb (And Why Use It?)
    1:56 Tokens On Tomb
    3:32 Masonry
    5:30 Pit / TBONDS
    6:45 Bond Redemption Example
    7:28 Recap Of Tomb Finance
    7:49 DAO Fund
    9:04 Yield Strategy #1
    10:28 Yield Strategy #2
    10:57 Yield Strategy #3
    11:46 Other Strategies
    12:09 Follow Tomb!
    12:38 Fantom Ecosystem List
    12:51 Outro

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