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‘Tiny Pretty Things’ Star On Ramon Being Dead & The Finale Ending – Hollywood Life

Spoiler alert! The ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ finale ended with a killer cliffhanger. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Bayardo De Murguia about the epic twist, Ramon’s complex relationships, the big June reveal, and more.

Tiny Pretty Things was full of insane twists and turns, but the Netflix series saved the best for last. In the final moments of the show, Ramon looked very dead after getting stabbed in the heart. June was crying near his lifeless body in the dance studio, while Naveah and Bette stood behind her in shock. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Bayardo De Murguia about all things Tiny Pretty Things, and he admitted that he didn’t know in the beginning what was going to happen to Ramon.

“There’s a lot of things that we didn’t know,” Bayardo admitted. “We had the first couple episodes done, and then they were kind of writing as we started everything. We didn’t know who pushed Cassie. The person that did it knew it, so there’s a lot of secrets that we all were keeping from each other. It was around when we were filming episode 7 that they were like, hey, this situation is going to happen. But in the same way that Cassie is the narrator, we have ideas for what’s going on later. As you see the season progressed in a way, you start seeing the seeds being planted of motives of different people, which is going to be the launch into, hopefully, a season 2. If we do get that then we also have a good route to go to.”

Bayardo De Murguia,Pin
Bayardo De Murguia stars as Ramon. (Netflix)

Even though Ramon appeared to be very much deceased, Bayardo couldn’t confirm that Ramon is actually dead. “We still don’t know if he is or he’s not or what’s going to happen,” he said. Honestly, with Tiny Pretty Things, anything is possible.

He also has no idea who did this to Ramon. He doesn’t want to speculate either. “Slowly in the last episodes of the show, you start seeing people just phrase stuff and say stuff,” he continued. “There’s a scene I think in episode 9 or 10 where I’m like handing out bottles of champagne to everybody. The guys are together and they’re just staring at me and seething. There’s also my relationship to June, Daniela Norman’s character, and her mom so you just never know. I don’t know. Ramon was on his way out to go tour, party, be a successful choreographer, but he has all these relationships with all these people.”

As the season progressed, Ramon became more obsessed with his show, Ripper. Bayardo noted that Ramon became “somewhat unhinged” and started manipulating the people around him more than ever before. He did quite the shock to the system when June’s mother revealed their past and told Ramon that June was his daughter.

Even though Ramon never seemed like the fatherly type, Bayardo thinks Ramon would eventually want to have a relationship with her. “I think there were certain moments where after that was a realization that there were a couple of interactions with her,” the actor noted. “But Ramon is always someone that’s going to stay face… I think in the future, and if we do get a season 2, I would love to have that as something to dive into.”

Tiny Pretty ThingsPin
Ramon’s troupe of dancers in ‘Tiny Pretty Things.’ (Netflix)

Ramon had a well of his own secrets, but one thing he did not do was push Cassie off the roof of The Archer School. That was Delia, his girlfriend and Bette’s sister. Delia and Ramon had an intense relationship, so we had to ask if Ramon had any idea Delia pushed Cassie.

“I think there’s a lot of secrets that I know that we haven’t kind of touched on the show, especially with Delia, because there were moments with us,” Bayardo said. “You saw us as like a cute couple… You can see the love that we had for each other. And then you saw moments where we’re about our careers and we’ve got to do anything it takes to do our thing. I think there are parts of it that, you know, I could have known, I could have not known. I could have had an idea. I could have helped her. Everything is a possibility.” Bayardo later added that if Ramon trusts anyone, it’s probably Delia. “Delia knows most of my [Ramon’s] secrets,” he quipped.

Ramon also had a secret relationship with Monique, which started when he was a student and she was his superior. Monique groomed Ramon and directly influenced the person he became. Bayardo broke down this complex relationship and why Ramon is now a “mirror version” of Monique. “I think the biggest thing for me when I was exploring was just the fact of he had this love for her because she kind of created who he was and his success came from that,” Bayardo said. He added, “But it’s also like a mirror version of her. [Ramon] also kind of wanted to become her in a way. We both have the same secrets. We both deal with the same power issues. We both want success, and we’ll do anything that we can to do it.”

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Ramon had a secret past with Monique. (Netflix)

The finale leaves the door wide open for a season 2. If Bayardo were to return as Ramon, he would love to “show more signs of vulnerability” in the character, regardless of whether or not he’s alive or dead. “For example, we could flashback to Monique and talk about our relationship when we started and why it became to where it is, how it’s made her evolve, and how it’s made me [Ramon] evolve. There’s a lot of dream sequences, so Ramon can be haunting a lot of dreams.” Tiny Pretty Things is now streaming on Netflix.

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