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    Time to retire daylight saving time, urges researcher

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    Change is in us again. On the first Sunday of November, there will be an hour of morning sunlight. Adjusting the wall clock for an hour may not sound dramatic. But we ask our body clock to be different.

    For example, let’s say a member of society is unaware of happiness in society. time: Our youngest children and pets.Many people will soon enjoy the extra time sleepy, Our kids and pets wake up first.It will take a few more days in front of them Biological clock Adapt to new social time.

    In fact, most of us need days to adapt to changes in time. In the meantime, we may suffer from some consequences.

    “The number of heart attacks and road fatalities is Daylight saving time (DST) In the spring. ” Eric Herzog, a professor of arts and science biology at the University of Washington and a former president of the Biological Rhythm Research Association, a scientific organization specializing in the study of biological clocks and sleep, said.

    Recently, the research in 2020 6% increase in road fatalities in the days following the time change to DST.. 6% is equivalent to 28 deaths per year in the United States due to time switching. This is a tradition that most people, including Herzog, agree that it is time to retire.

    But here we are approaching November 2021 and are preparing to adapt to social change again without the help of the sun. What is preventing you from eliminating time changes?

    Do you want to maintain DST, enjoy more sunlight in evening time or standard time (ST), and wake up in the sun? I don’t seem to agree.

    “There is a law on permanent ST and permanent DST,” said Herzog, a prominent professor of arts and sciences at Victor Hamburger. He advocates keeping standard time. “Current, 19 states considering 45 major legislation to eliminate time switching during the year.. Some of them already have. Arizona and Hawaii live in a permanent ST. “

    Keep standard time forever

    Saying goodbye to DST, and the associated summer memories, can be difficult. But Herzog reminds us that we need the morning sun.

    “The body clock, which controls daily rhythms such as sleep and awakening, eating and fasting, interprets the morning light as sunrise and accelerates wake-up time. Light Instructing the biological clock to wake up late the next morning makes it more difficult to live without an alarm clock, “Herzok explained.

    In fact, people who live in the eastern end of the time zone and have a lot of morning sunshine tend to be better than those in the west in terms of health, economics, and other indicators of well-being.

    Current scientific data show that year-round ST is a better option not only for health, but also for safety and school learning. Can children safely go to school in the darkness of the morning? Does more sunlight deter crime in the evening?

    Less than a month after Richard Nixon’s failure to force daylight savings time adjustments throughout the year in 1974, public school leaders reported six deaths. darkness.. On the other hand, the data do not show that there are few crimes during DST or that there are many permanent ST crimes in states such as Arizona and Hawaii.

    However, Herzog points out that more data is needed. In the short term, the health benefits of permanent ST are clear. Still, there is little data on the long-term consequences of living without time changes each year.

    “At this point, we need to use what we know to make the best decisions and collect data on the issues that are most important to people at once,” Herzog said. ..

    Expert: Make standard time permanent this year

    Quote: When daylight saving time is abolished, researchers (October 27, 2021) will get October 27, 2021 from Prompt

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