‘Tile’ tracker helps APD find stolen vehicle – Albuquerque, New Mexico


Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-10-09 00:17:50 –

“What’s exciting for us is that these new devices are much more affordable, discrete, and can be placed anywhere in the car,” said Gilbert Gallegos, APD spokesman.

From the center console to the glove box, or under the seat, as long as you’re in the car, the Tile app can help the police-like when you were arrested Thursday.

“Someone called 911 and reported that his car was stolen. Often everyday cars were stolen, but there is a time delay and it is very difficult for personnel to find it. They sometimes disappear in the wind, “Galegos said.

But this time, they were able to arrest 29-year-old Xavier Wealth and 39-year-old Monica Samora and prosecute them for receiving and transferring the stolen vehicle. Zamora was also charged with possession of regulated substances in possession of firearms and felony.

After this success, APD is considering using Tile more often.

“Maybe there’s a way to deter people by using stickers or advertising to the car that it’s being tracked by GPS, so they steal it or steal it in the first place. I don’t even do that, “said Galegos.

APD already encourages people to have a ring camera or similar home security device to thwart intrusions and thieves. It is now said that we should consider adding new tools to our keyrings.

“I think it’s worth it if it can be used to avoid theft and keep people safe,” says Galegos.

APD also wants to let people know if your car has been stolen and can be tracked. Instead of chasing your car yourself, call the police to take care of you.

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‘Tile’ tracker helps APD find stolen vehicle Source link ‘Tile’ tracker helps APD find stolen vehicle

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