Three Ways to Properly Dispose Of Old Furniture Before Moving


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The hassles of making your new home comfortable for you and restoring your previous home for the new tenant is stressful.

The extra burden of dealing with your other possession, which you no longer need, can be exhausting. And, after all, who doesn’t want to skip moving unwanted items to a new home to save valuable space?

It’s as clear as daylight that you need to dispose of this stuff before you move. How you dispose of your old furniture largely depends on how much you need to get rid of and how quickly you want to get the job done. Before getting started, take inventory of the times you’re removing, as well as any other junk you may be throwing out. Furniture in good condition can be donated, but if there are major tears, scraped, or pet damages, you will need to get rid of or deposit it somewhere.

Plan a Big Garage Sale

Holding a yard sale is the best way to reduce the bulk of your possession you need to move and still earn some serious cash for your next move. However, you will need to take time to organize the event properly, promote it, and make the event attractive.

Start by separating the furniture items that you no longer need and take the time to clean them so that they look decent. Once you’ve decided what to sell and whatnot, find out the prices of used furniture items in your area to get an idea of their value. Organize all the household possession that you no longer need, including furniture for a yard/garage sale. If you’re all set and ready, leverage online platforms such as Netxdoor, Craiglist, OfferUp, and LetGo to increase the exposure for your garage sale.

Give Furniture Away to Family and Friends

In a case where you’re not able to sell some of your unwanted furniture pieces, you should talk to your family members and friends who might love to have them.

Take pictures of the possessions and send them out by email or post it through WhatsApp to your friends and the groups you belong to.

There’s a good chance you will find someone who will appreciate having them. Although you may not receive a financial benefit, it will save you the cost of transporting items you do not need. If nothing goes as planned, you can always rent an extra space storage unit so you will not have to clutter your new home with unnecessary items.

Donate Your Old Furniture

There’s a good chance you might have to haul your old possessions to a drop-off location just to donate it. But that’s not always the case. More often than not, you can arrange to have it picked up as well. Not to mention all donations can be subtracted from your taxes.

Goodwill and Salvation Army – If your local town doesn’t have a furniture bank, you can always check your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Some will even come to pick it up for you.

Furniture Bank Association of North American (FBANA)- Furniture banks offer to those in need at little or no cost. Expect someone to come to pick up gently used furniture right from your garage.

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