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    Three men convicted of killing Amado Aberberry

    A U.S. jury found three white men guilty of killing Amado Arbury, a 25-year-old black man who was shot dead while jogging in Georgia last year.

    Father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael, and neighbor William “Rodi” Brian, were convicted Wednesday for murder and other charges. The incident caught the attention of the media last year after a video of the shooting was disseminated online and caused anger.

    Verdict will come in a few days Kyle Rittenhouse acquittalA white teenager who killed two men following the shooting of another black man, Jacob Blake, in public anxiety in Wisconsin last year.

    The incident reveals a deep rift in a country wrestling with a tense debate over race and justice more than a year after George Floyd’s murder. In an indictment issued in April, the US Department of Justice alleged that McMichael’s and Brian threatened Arbury for his “race and color.”

    The three men have been charged with imprisonment, malicious murder, weighted assault, and felony murder, and life imprisonment has been minimized.

    The man pleaded not guilty in all respects. Travis McMichael was convicted in all cases, including one malicious murder and four felony murders. His father, Gregory, was found guilty of four felony murders, but was acquitted of malicious murder. Brian was convicted of three felony murders, but was acquitted of a malicious murder and another felony murder.

    McMichael’s allegedly arrested civilians after suspecting Arbury had robbed a nearby home on the Georgia coast, and Travis McMichael said he shot Arbury in self-defense.

    Prosecutors argued that Arbury was not armed and did not meet the legal standards for civil arrest. They also said the murder took place after three men chased Arbury with a pickup truck and a gun.

    In a statement, President Joe Biden said: .. .. Although Mr. Arbury cannot be returned to his family or community, the ruling guarantees that those who commit this horrific crime will be punished. “

    Federal officials have separately charged three men with hate crimes and attempted kidnappings in connection with the killing of Arbury in February last year.

    Arbury’s death, along with the killings of Floyd and Breona Taylor, caused widespread protests in the United States last year and increased surveillance of law enforcement.

    The case unfolded in parallel with the Rittenhaus trial, which severely divided public opinion. After police officers shot Jacob Blake, an 18-year-old woman drove from Illinois, adjacent to the city of Kenosha on Lake Michigan, paralyzing him and causing public unrest. Police officer Rusten Shesky, who shot the break, was not charged with the crime.

    During the trial, Rittenhaus testified that he was there to protect his property and provide first aid, saying he had an assault-style rifle to protect himself. He shot three men in a conflict with the crowd, killing two and injuring a third.

    Republican lawmakers and conservative critics welcomed the 18-year-old innocence, the result of which is the right to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows people to “hold and bear the right to arm.” Considered to be proof. The judge in the Rittenhouse case dismissed the accusation of firearms shortly before the trial was over.

    Three men convicted of killing Amado Aberberry

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