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    This Taylor Swift—Ellen DeGeneres Interview From 2013 Is Upsetting a Lot of People

    Almost 7 months later Britney Spears Framing Caused a national discourse on how to treat women in Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres And Taylor Swift is rekindling the conversation.

    Following a particularly featured groundbreaking documentary Uncomfortable sit-in Between Diane Sawyer When Britney SpearsMany pop culture enthusiasts are beginning to reassess celebrity interview models and the ways they are designed to offend or embarrass women. 2007 interview Between Paris Hilton and David Letterman Separately Rough exchange in 2013 Between Lindsay Lohan And again, David Letterman.

    Now TikTok users Nya Johnson From that same year, it resurfaced with frustrating back and forth between pop stars Taylor Swift and DeGeneres. In the title TikTok video, “People who deserve an apology: talk show version” DeGeneres begins by repeatedly referring to Zac Efron as Swift’s boyfriend.

    “Yes, I did, why do you deny it?” DeGeneres insists.

    NS Quick DeGeneres moves on to a new subject, as the lines of questions seem uncomfortable — well, not entirely new. This time, DeGeneres wants to know who the song “We can never come back together”. Her way is to display images of Swift and various men and instruct them to ring the bell when Swift lands on the appropriate man.

    “I don’t know if I’ll do this,” says Swift. “This is one of the things I have. It’s like the piece of dignity I have. I know there’s one piece of dignity I have. People guess about it. And the only thing I have is that. One card. ”

    TikTok / @ nyajohnsoon

    “Do you know how terrible this makes me feel?” Swift says the talk show organizers will start presenting images.The host jokingly included a man who had never dated Swift, but from Danny DeVito to Justin Timberlake, Swift was visibly upset with her and the original photo. John mayer Is displayed. “You should ring,” says DeGeneres, Swift replies. I do not want to do it. They will send me angry emails, and I don’t want to receive them. “

    Even if DeGeneres takes over the game and starts ringing randomly, Swift will still request the end of the segment. “Stop, stop, stop,” she says in the unedited version of the segment. See here.. “Every time I come here, it looks like another guy on the screen and makes me feel very sick. It just really wonders what I represent as a human being.”

    TikTok @nyajohnsoon

    Watched over 3.2 million times and with over 800,000 likes, TikTok is upset on behalf of its viewers. Folklore Artist. “She is on the verge of tears, everyone is laughing, and Ellen is ignoring all her stop requests,” commented one user.

    A similar exchange between DeGeneres and Mariah Carey occurred in 2018, and DeGeneres sought to win a singer. Check rumors of pregnancy By encouraging her to drink champagne. “I was very uncomfortable at that moment. That’s all I can say, and I really had a hard time tackling the aftermath,” Carrie said. Vulture August 2020. “I wasn’t ready to tell anyone because I had a miscarriage.”

    “”[There’s] “Empathy that can be applied the moment you want to implement it,” she added. “But what should I do?”

    March 2021, DeGeneres Presentation Next season Ellen’s Room Show Will be her last.

    This Taylor Swift—Ellen DeGeneres Interview From 2013 Is Upsetting a Lot of People Source link This Taylor Swift—Ellen DeGeneres Interview From 2013 Is Upsetting a Lot of People

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