This Serial-esque mystery series on Netflix was canceled before its time


Among Netflix’s American Vandals, Tyler Alvarez as Peter and Griffin Gluck as Sam.


If you don’t want to spoil the Season 1 finale, don’t google for “who did the dicks”. Netflix 2017 Sleeper Hit, American Vandals..If you think, you can’t imagine the world you are in NS When I sent that search query to the algorithm Ether, I obviously didn’t have the joy of making acquaintances with the mocu series. That’s a shame because in my experience there aren’t enough people.

That might be the show’s prickly premise-the unofficial logline of American Vandals is “It’s serial, but it has a dick joke“Maybe most people, except me, wouldn’t say,’You had me with a dick joke.’ But here I adopt a whimsical voice suitable for someone who enjoys toilet humor as much as I do. You need to tryyyyyy it. Truuuuust me!

However, if you enjoy cereal jokes or dick jokes, you’ll love the American Vandal created by College Humor’s Dan Perrault and Tony Yacreda.And if you’re lucky enough to enjoy both (and, to be honest, who among us …?), The mystery series canceled before this time deserves your prominent place. increase Netflix “My List”.

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The crime at the heart of the American Vandals is the NSFW, vandalism.


Set in the less historic year of our Lord 2015, the American Vandals are the sharp, deadpan transmissions of the true criminal genre that experienced a remarkable renaissance in the same pop culture era. There was a podcast in 2014 CerealOf course, HBO and Netflix were delivered Jinx When Road to the murdererEach in short order. (Cult Classic Stairs It was also dredged from the depths of 2004 in a new episode around this time to meet the audience’s insatiable demand for examination of evidence features and narrativeization. )

But the American Vandals are not true, which sets them apart from the true criminal environment.Since then, Hulu has participated in this fictional true crime beat Only murderers in the building, Comedy starring Selena Gomez Growing tradition Mockumentaries, parodies, satires and spoofs of this genre pioneered by American Vandals. So if you’ve made Only Murders Bing and haven’t seen American Vandal yet, there’s a few things to do.

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The crime scene of those who devastate America.


Set in an ordinary West Coast high school, the American Vandals are second-year documentary filmmaker Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and his best friend Sam Eckland (Griffin) in the show world. Taken by Gluck). Their school, Hanover High, is recovering from a heinous crime. Someone has a spray-painted dick on 27 cars in the teacher’s parking lot, and the teacher is demanding justice. Sweaty Alex Trimboli, a criminal witness, points his finger at school burnout Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro). And everyone is pretty happy to hold Dylan accountable. Everyone except Peter and Sam.

American Vandals-2American Vandals-2

Jimmy Tatro as Dylan of the American Vandals.


Dylan tends to be well documented for good motivations, bad alibis, and Dick’s graffiti. But a little digging reveals that not everything is added together. For one thing, Alex Trimboli is a notorious liar. (Did he do For real Did you get a handjob from the hottest girl in school or did she just send him a text message? “Hey” with two Ys?) And one more thing: The spray-painted graffiti did not include ball hair.Photo of Dylan’s Dick everytime Includes ball hair.

This series contains a kind of super-specific archetype that hasn’t been seen since Mean Girls’ sexually active band geeks. The use of social media in Hanover High is relentless, but the show doesn’t do any manual work over screen time. In fact, most of the clues added to Peter and Sam’s string cross corkboard come from Snapchat, Twitch, Instagram, and digital text message digital detritus, with the audience saying, “Nana’s Party.”

“Who did the cock?” “Who did the cock?”Who shot JR?“(And it’s always a’dick’, not a penis, shron, or even dingering.) In the second season of the show, the central question changed to” who is Tardbergler? “And justice. The pursuit of is childish. It’s as interesting as Season 1. The only difference is that by Season 2, you’re no longer surprised at how interesting such a vulgar subject can be when it’s treated at a high price. It’s funny because it’s stupid.

What I like most about American Vandal is its ability to evolve. It’s easy for some studio executives and big data bots to come up with the premise of “serial meets dick jokes” and assume that the script is just created by them. But my premonition is that even the most talented yarn spinners can’t arc eight episodes on Dick’s back alone. Instead, the American Vandals are Trojan horses (tee-hees), a healthy plant-based prosecution of our ridiculous interest in real crimes that lure you in with dick joke candies and hurt real people. Provide.

But before the show reaches the finale of the controversy, it means it’s going to be a really captivating mystery show, by which it’s finally revealed to be very capricious. So you may not like the humor of the toilet, but you should also like the idea of ​​having a cake and eating it. In that sense, American Vandals are like nicotine patches, providing safe doses of your cravings to mitigate future harm. It’s all the indulgence of a true criminal experience, without the guilt of dealing with someone’s death like a must-see TV. Moreover, it’s interesting.

American Vandals-3American Vandals-3


The truly compelling and central mystery of the American Vandals is the beat of all the right true crimes. The alibi was investigated and lied. Red herring; CGI replica of the alleged Dockside Handjob; Dick drawing time test to see if the timeline claimed by Alex Trimboli is feasible.Season 1 also has its own Nisha Call -Kiefer Sutherland Voicemail-and A thriving second screen experience waiting for you on Reddit And Summary of the theory with spoilers If it is a rabbit hole type.

Unfortunately, Season 3 of the American Vandals seems like a desperate dream at this point. Although the first headline about Netflix’s expulsion looked promising (“”“American Vandals” canceled on Netflix will be purchased elsewhere, “For example), Perot and Yasenda have since pivoted their railroads towards the world of esports. Future Paramount Plus Mockumentary called Players.. But maybe, if enough people get my advice and give the show a chance, the streaming gods will give us another season.

Indeed, who did the dick? Give the show 15 minutes, and you also need to know.

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