Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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    This is why Santa skips Occupy Wall Street this year

    Everyone knows the effect of Santa’s rally, especially in the bull market. According to the Bank of America, the November-January period is the strongest three-month period of the year for S & P 500 returns, especially if August-October is above average. 4.8% increase.

    But especially when looking at the bottom 495 stocks of the S & P 500 and small caps, the market isn’t so festive. S & P500 equal weight index
    + 0.71%

    Small Russell 2000, down about 1% from the highest
    + 1.08%

    It has decreased by 4%. Sure, after this year’s strong rise, it’s not terrible, but it’s a sign that the market is at least consolidating.

    The market does not seem to be taking risks.

    Sean Derby, global equity strategist at Jeffreys, said the dollar company, LIBOR, is a risk asset as the dollar company LIBOR breaks through the moving averages, currency volatility occurs and the yield curve is “nervously flat” while inflation expectations continue. It states that the long-term influx into has reached its peak. Elevated.

    Outgoing soon Richard Clarida of the Federal Reserve Board Just as it started, in December we opened the door to speed up the tapering process. “The dollar has begun to revise prices for all global asset classes, and as expected returns become more uncertain, this should be accompanied by higher volatility,” Derby said in a note to clients.

    Talking to CNBC in an interview aired on Monday, he elaborated on the pessimism. “My fear is that only minor changes to expectations for growth, or in fact policy tightening, can make a significant difference in emotions,” he said. According to Derby, that doesn’t mean there’s an unfortunate fourth quarter, but “the first quarter of 2022 is a pretty difficult time.”


    The highly anticipated decisions are: President Joe Biden has appointed Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and Lael Brainard has been appointed Vice-Chairman.

    The People’s Bank of China has removed some phrases about policy restraints in its report. This may be a sign that economists will ease future measures, he said.

    As the infection surged, protests broke out across Europe in response to new coronavirus-related restrictions.

    At least five people were killed and more than 40 were injured after vehicles passed the Christmas parade outside Milwaukee at high speeds.

    Zoom video communication

    This is due to the release result after the transaction is closed.

    Telecom Italia
    + 30.74%

    It rose 28% in Milan after KKR bid for € 10.8 billion.Ericsson

    Said you are buying Vonage
    + 25.32%

    That’s $ 6.2 billion, or $ 21 per share.

    img 619bdd9f9cea1

    U.S. stocks
    + 0.69%

    + 0.91%

    + 0.71%

    After the announcement of Powell’s decision, he has gained higher and traction. Yields on 10-year government bonds

    It was 1.596%, and the dollar is rising
    + 0.34%

    About 0.4%.

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    This is why Santa skips Occupy Wall Street this year

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