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    This is a kind of justice.But don’t forget that the Ahmaud Arbery murderers have almost escaped | Akinora

    NSThree white men who hunted down Amado Arbury in the neighborhood of Glynn County, Georgia found Guilty in court. The United States was breathtaking when the jury’s deliberations entered its second day this Wednesday. Travis McMichael, who fired a shot that killed a 25-year-old black man, his father, Greg, and their neighbor William “Rodi” Brian, was all convicted of the murder on February 23, 2020. The verdict is welcome, but given the recent innocence verdict in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse and the underlying system of white supremacism that has long justified the vigilantism of Arbury attackers, it’s a bit hollow. It sounds like.

    Despite the outcome of the trial, the actual process of the case varied from the fear of racist lawyers to the fact that the murderer was arrested 74 days after Arbury’s murder. It was soaked in justification. As long as the current system remains, justice cannot be fulfilled, and even this verdict seems unlikely to discourage future vigilantism.

    Of course, lawyers must make the best case for their clients. Much of what could be summoned in this trial tells a lot about our country that it was an attempt to attack Arbury as a person. This is a commonly deployed tactic to justify the killing of black Americans.The judge dismissed the defense’s attempt introduction A move that evidences Arbury’s previous actions and includes the fact that traces of THC were found in his system when he was killed. After those unsuccessful efforts, defense moved to look down on the young man’s body, Tell The jury, who had “long and dirty toenails” for Arberry, criticized the shorts he wore on the day he was shot. As if McMichael and Brian knew something about him before he decided to chase him and execute him.It’s like Arberry’s toenails on Travis McMichael call out “Fucking Niger” on a dying man.

    Many of the defense attempts to use the racist dog whistle were defeated in a pretrial decision by the presiding judge, but were still successful. to be certain Almost all juries will be white, even though the county itself is about 27% black. This effort is not uncommon among lawyers Exuded With a larger system of racism that leads to an underestimation of the jury’s colored race.

    Many others who participated in the process of justifying the vigilantism of the father and son duo and their neighbors captured it all in video. Police who arrived at the scene heard the murderer’s words and did not arrest him. Police officers accepted the story of their self-defense that these men simply protected their neighborhood from black robbers. Greg Michael was fortunate enough for their little Lynch mob, Offer Worked as a county police officer for 7 years and as an investigator for the district attorney for 30 years.The same district attorney office was later Accused According to the county commissioner to prevent the arrest of the murderer.According to Commissioner Allen Booker, “The police on the scene [district attorney Jackie Johnson], Saying they are ready to arrest both of them … [s]He shut them down to protect her friend McMichael. District attorneys alleged that they could transfer the accusations to the police and use their own discretion to arrest them.

    It still took two months for police to arrest his murderer after the video of Arbury’s death became viral and fueled protests demanding action. This prejudice in favor of police officers and former police officers is very common in the United States and is arguably not uncommon. Glynn CountyKnown for allegations of officers, who are protected from the consequences.

    In such crimes, you can focus on individual white vigilantism, but zoom out, from defense to district attorneys, arrests, and the agencies they influence and control. It is important to see many other people involved. .. The killing of Arberry was a historical pattern. It is rooted in the separation and violent racism that shaped the borders of towns and countries across the United States. It is rooted in the legacy of the mob who killed 14-year-old Emmett Till. Capsize A white supremacist coup d’etat by the government of Wilmington, North Carolina. That is reflected in other modern examples. Unleash A black neighbor, or a police officer at Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted for a crime not much different from the crimes committed by McMichael and Brian.

    Like the Rittenhouse, this was an armed case to protect what white Americans perceived as a black threat to property. The people shot by Rittenhouse were white, but he chose to arm during the uprising following the shooting of a black man, and a stereotype about violent black predators and murderers of his uprising. I can’t believe it didn’t affect perception – the same type of stereotype that fueled the attack on Arbury.

    As in the case of Rittenhouse, the defense lawyers of the three perpetrators of Arbury claimed that the client was engaged in self-defense. Despite appearing on the scene with weapons, the men who killed Rittenhouse and Arbury thought they were under threat. The verdict against McMichael’s and Brian may seem like a victory, but the Rittenhaus verdict reveals future vigilantism by a white man who is deeply afraid that blacks may be confusing the situation somewhere. I’ve done more than enough to justify it.

    The verdict here is important to the family.Arberry’s father, Marcus Arbury, responded to the verdict say it: “We have conquered the Lynch mob.” The case exposed various layers of the judicial system that worked together to justify the murders committed by whites in a political mission. But justice cannot really help until the entire system is demolished and rebuilt.Rittenhouse’s claim to protect property is already second hand According to the defense counsel of a member of the Proud Boys group on the far right.And despite the scrutiny that Proud Boys received after participating in the January 6 riots in Washington, DC, the organization began. Displaying Confront right-wing marches and protests claiming to be there for safety.

    The desire to celebrate the Arbury verdict is understandable, but this decision does not prevent white men from killing blacks and others who they consider to be a threat to property and political order. It takes a movement to do that, a movement that must overcome the entire system underpinned by the violence of white vigilants and their atrocities.

    This is a kind of justice.But don’t forget that the Ahmaud Arbery murderers have almost escaped | Akinora

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