This chaotic NFL season marks the most widespread playoffs of the last few years. NFL


Mef NFL By extending the regular season from 17 weeks to 18 weeks, he wanted to keep more teams longer in the playoff hunt. The game slate for Week 16 is almost complete, but much remains unresolved, especially at the still widespread AFC. If there is one team taking advantage of their situation, it is the Kansas City Chiefs and is currently the only team guaranteed a playoff spot at the meeting.

It feels like years ago, But it was free Late October, when pre-season favorites seemed to have serious problems. After losing to the Tennessee Titans 27-3, the Chiefs stumbled from the gate with a 3-4 record. But since then, they have achieved eight consecutive victories and appear to be in great shape to achieve three consecutive victories.

Whereas the former Chief Steam was famous for outscoring opponents, the Kansas City team found a more sustainable success model because of the balance between Patrick Mahomes-led attacks and current attacks. rice field. One of the best defenses in the league.. Even though the team’s Covid-19 list didn’t have the tight-end Travis Kelce around the world, the Chiefs just took care of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

With a 36-10 victory over the Steelers on Sunday, Kansas City became the first team at the AFC, thanks in part to the reversal of fate in the east of the New England Patriots themselves. What’s more, they are one game ahead of the Tennessee Titans as the top seed for the conference.

Coincidentally, the Chiefs’ Super Bowl LV opponent also clinched the division on Sunday. 11-4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers win NFC South For the first time since 2007.. Even before the start of the season, the rematch between these two teams seemed to be potentially included in the card and didn’t seem more likely than it is now.

But given NFC’s competitiveness this year, the Chiefs are on a clearer path to a championship than Bucks. Tampa Bay records look great, but they lack an important element of the attack. Leonard Fournette and wide receiver Mike Evans both suffered from hamstring tensions, but receiver Chris Godwin has a foreseeable future thanks to the breaking of the ACL. In addition to this. Linebacker Shaquil Barrett burdened the MCL during the Carolina Panthers victory on Sunday.

Ramondless Stevenson of the New England Patriots will carry the ball in the third quarter of the match on Sunday when Jordan Poyer of Buffalo Bills is defending. Photo: Timothy T Ludwig / Getty Images

Meanwhile, their competition is imminent.apart from His recent heel turn, Active MVP Aaron Rodgers hasn’t forgotten how to play football. He has helped bring the 12-3 Green Bay Packers to the highest record in the league. The Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys both clinched the playoff berth on Sunday, but have the same 11-4 record, and LA holds a tiebreaker in Tampa Bay. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are currently the only AFC team to know that the season will continue beyond the 18th week.

However, these are just regular season records. Rewards like Goodbye Week and Home Field Advantage bring huge payouts to the playoffs, but they guarantee nothing in a single-game exclusion format. See the defending world champions who entered their final postseason as a wildcard team and still won against their highly talented opponents.

This will bring us back to the turmoil of the 2021 NFL season. The teams never seemed invincible, and all teams seemed to be able to win in a row, with the exception of the season’s bottom feeders (Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars). The team’s need to stitch together a pandemic and devastated active roster didn’t help, as the Covid-19 and surrounding protocols are constantly losing players.

When the postseason comes, previous results are not determined to determine future success or failure. Currently, the Chiefs seemed ready to play in the Super Bowl three times in a row, but if there’s one lesson to learn from this year, don’t read too much about the current NFL situation. need to do it.

This week’s video

If Jets just played Jackson Bill Jaguar in every game, things would probably be better. Not only was the highly malicious Zach Wilson turned off with a 54-yard touchdown run, but Jaguar allowed him to return to Braxton Berrios with a 102-yard kickoff.

Either way, it was a rare and interesting victory for Jets, who defeated Jacksonville 26-21. So it was a miracle for the waitress the day after Christmas. The person who received the Jets ticket from Wilson As a hint.

This Week’s MVP

Joe Burrow, Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals.. His 299-yard pass won the most quarterbacks throughout the season in the first half of the NFL game. He finished the pitch with a total of 525 yards and four touchdowns without a single passcut. What can i say?Man I love playing against Baltimore Ravens..

OK, Ravens’ defenses destroyed by illness or injury did not hurt Barrow or his recipients, but that is not enough to explain the full control of the sophomore signal sender. Baltimore’s injuries were not only in the defensive end of the game, but also in the quarterbacks of both Lamar Jackson and Taylor Huntley. Yes, Josh Johnson traveled very well Eventually, he left for Baltimore on Sunday and he threw two touchdowns himself, which was clearly not enough for Ravens, who was beaten 41-21.

This week’s statistics

1940..That is Last Pittsburgh Steelers I played 5 games in a row without touchdown in the first half. The Steelers won two of these five games, but risk dropping out of the post-season mix after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs. At this rate, Ben Roethlisberger’s career could end sooner than expected.

This week’s quote

“Soccer aside, I’m sorry, I’m talking about New Year’s aspirations. I was wondering if there was anything I wanted to share with my fans and readers.” – Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, reporter after the team lost to Buffalo Bills 33-21

Notoriously, Belichick’s professional attitude was when he made a featureless apology for media treatment last week. It was a large local news article.. If he didn’t have time to ask him softball, human-interest questions, it wasn’t after his team lost the regular season most unfortunately. The 9-6 Patriots lost in the last two games, but Bills won in the last two games. And, as such, everything stands at the top of the AFC East. If Buffalo wins, they will win the division that New England could have clinched.

Given that Josh Allen witnessed a complete breakthrough in the Patriots’ pride, it’s understandable that the coach replied, “I’m not there now.” When it comes to football, the team’s overall determination must stay in the wildcard ranking. In any case, this is all good news for the 7-7 Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins playoff hopes remain alive for the match against New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

Elsewhere in the league

The NFL offered two Christmas Day games and tried to flock to the NBA’s gimmick. First, the Green Bay Packers faced the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield threw three intercepts in the first half, each resulting in a final Aaron Rodgers touchdown. Browns tried a solid comeback, but the game was essentially over – what else? – Fourth Mayfield interception.Packers Won 24-22 Meanwhile, Browns is forced to spend another week guessing about Mayfield’s near and long-term future in the franchise.

Arizona Cardinals followed in Saturday’s second game Slides of their mysterious late season, Fall to Indianapolis Colts 22-16. In the game, Jonathan Taylor’s running back failed to record a touchdown, but he continued his own MVP campaign by putting together a 108-yard rush performance in front of a depleted attack line.

The Detroit Lions lost to the Atlanta Falcons 20-16, smashing the record to 2-12-1 and staying on the losing path. Comically, that one tie continues to be their redo to find the number one pick in next year’s draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars defeat to the New York Jets, which they had previously discussed, dropped the record to the worst 2-13 in the league as a whole.

Quarterback cavalry continues in Carolina as Sam Darnold replaces fan’s favorite Cam Newton. Cam Newton struggled again after making an impressive season debut. Instead of choosing one, Panthers head coach Matt Roule decided to rotate the pair depending on the situation in the game. As mentioned earlier, this time it brought the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a 32-6 defeat. However, Rule is sticking to the platoon’s strategy.

“I think it’s 1000% working.” Rebellious Roule said after the match, “I apologize because I know no one can see it. As I always tell the team, Jay-Z took seven years.” Jay-Z couldn’t comment.

Defeating the Minnesota Vikings 30-23, the 11-4 Los Angeles Rams secured the playoff berth. Three intercepts from quarterback Matthew Stafford.. As Baker Mayfield can tell you, it’s the fourth INT that really puts nails in your team’s casket.

This chaotic NFL season marks the most widespread playoffs of the last few years. NFL

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