This bourbon is already sold at 3 times the suggested retail price



Wild turkey Masters Keep One$ 175

Inside story

Wild turkeys are getting rougher and rougher.

The beloved Bourbon brand, with its roots in the 19th century, has been on the path of many spirits makers in recent years by offering a wide variety of special bottling. That is, you can buy a bottle of Wild Turkey 101, the brand’s “base variant” bourbon, but you can also choose Wild Turkey Rye 101 or Wild Turkey Learn Dry. Or … well, you get points.

But perhaps the most popular Wild Turkeys is the brand’s Masters Keepline. A Wild Turkey official who is part of the Campari American Spirits Conglomerate said that the concept of offering a limited edition is one of the respected spirit liquor makers behind the brand along with his father (and the icon of the spirits industry). Jimmy says it was to give to Eddie Russell, “free domination” for “making the product he’s always wanted to do.” After all, Eddie scraped up a few barrels with such a project in mind, and in 2015 the first Masters Keep, the 17-year-old whiskey, was launched.

Master’s Keep One is the sixth release on this line. A blend of barrels of different ages. The brand states that it combines “Jimmy’s love for mid-aged bourbon (8-10 years) with Eddie’s passion for the complex traits associated with longer bourbon.” But another important step is to further age the blended whiskey with new “specially toasted and charred” oak barrels. (“Toast” technology is a technology performed by whiskey makers Hugging Recent. )

Using about 15,000 bottles, Master’s Keep One proves to be a top-selling product.Some retailers are charging Over $ 500 For whiskey, this is more than three times the suggested retail price. Overall, Wild Turkey, like many American whiskey brands, has benefited from the recent boom in bourbon and rye whiskey. According to brand officials, Wild Turkey made at least 26% annual profit until mid-2021.

What do we think about it

Yes, you will pay more for the limited edition bottling. But sometimes you get what you pay for. Master’s Keep One is certainly a very nice and luxurious bourbon, and a lot is happening with each bite. You’ll pick up butterscotch, caramel, and chocolate tips, all of which fall incredibly smoothly. This is a very tasty whiskey.

How to enjoy

Enjoy this neat thing — this good whiskey is worth drinking on its own.

This bourbon is already sold at 3 times the suggested retail price

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