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    TheWiSpy: Best Mobile Phone Tracking App for Android Devices

    The one common thing in everybody’s life is the daily use of smart devices and the internet as well. However, if we look at the bigger picture, constant technology usage is more harmful to kids than adults. Based on a recent study, more than 70% of American teenagers have a smartphone from the age 13-18 years. The average screen time among these children is 7-8 hours. And this isn’t healthy for them.

    Kids spend a lot of time on the internet, where they watch entertainment content, interact with strangers, play games, and share their lives on social media. But excess of everything results badly. Although there is quality content available that can help in their education simultaneously, still, kids misuse the internet for other stuff. For example, they talk to strangers and watch unethical content.

    Cyberbullying and harassment are standard on the internet these days, and the main target of these crimes are teenagers. The pressure of assault in kids can lead to suicidal thoughts and mental health issues. And the bad thing is children aren’t being careful on social media and have become addicted to such apps. As a parent, you must take charge of kid’s online activities. The cell phone tracker app is a compatible solution in the modern age of cybercrime and other threats.

    It helps you access the information stored on the mobile and lets you monitor kids’ online activities. In this article, you’ll understand why TheWiSpy is the best app to spy on android. It is used as parental control as well as employee monitoring tool. You will avail a strong control over your teen’s smart devices remotely.

    About TheWiSpy:

    TheWiSpy is a mobile phone tracking app that allows users to monitor another phone’s digital activities remotely. It is physically installed on the target phone by the end-user, and then through an online portal, allows the user access the target device. It offers unlimited advanced spying features that let you track calls logs, messages, GPS tracking, geofencing, and much more.

    You can view all the online activity remotely and get the information from the target phone simultaneously. You can easily install it in minimum time, so you don’t get caught if you’re doing it secretly from your kids. TheWiSpy is a secure, reliable, and affordable spy app for android. The advanced and safe stealth mode makes it one of the best spy apps for android. TWS will work in the background of the phone without disturbing ongoing activity on the phone.

    How does it work?

    Like every other application, you need to install TheWiSpy on the phone to access the information. But you must purchase the TWS software from its website. So, you have to choose a package and get your subscription. Once you have the spyware on the target phone, you’ll access the apps installed on the phone, stored data, and other settings.

    You’ll have an individual dashboard where you can use allocated features and fetch information. The app will start collecting data on your command and then uploads it on the online portal. You will also have the authority to download fetched files for future use.

    Why pay for TheWiSpy?

    TheWiSpy is thousands of times better than free spying apps for android because it offers quality services with security guaranteed. Firstly, if someone is offering you free spying apps for android software, they’ll be fake or have faults in their functionality. Second, and most importantly, your data is in danger. So before you download a random app on your phone, you should research the provider.

    You should focus on the quality and security of the application rather than getting a lower price or free trial. You’re buying to protect your kids from internet threats in the first place, rather than putting them in more danger.  There are few best spy apps for android that are reliable, secure, and offer affordable pricing. TheWiSpy is luckily one of them, and it provides high-quality results with 100% security guaranteed. In addition, you will get high-standard features and real-time results so you can spy in peace.

    Key features:

    TheWiSpy offers the following key features for parental as well as employee monitoring needs.

    Call log tracking:

    Call log tracking

    TheWiSpy offers a dependable way to monitor call logs of the target phone. It includes call logs of incoming and outgoing contacts, voice mails, missed calls, and the duration of calls. You can set an alert for specific callers, and when they call, you’ll be notified by the TWS. On your screen, details of the caller are viewed, such as name, number, duration, and time of the call. It allows you to view history and block contacts with remote authorities as well.

    SMS tracking:

    SMS tracking

    The SMS tracking features works simple where you can view chats of the target with all the contacts. You can view the history of SMS and backup deleted messages as well. It will allow you to view the timing of texts and contact details. You can use the keylogger feature to set specific message alerts so you can be notified, such as harassment, suicide, and nudes, etc. You will have the authority to block unnecessary contacts that you think can harm your child.

    Social media monitoring:

    TheWiSpyspy app for android phoneallows you to monitor social connecting applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. These platforms are used highly by teenagers. They connect with strangers here and share their personal life.

    And these are the primary source of cybercrimes. Harassers assault kids by getting close to them and using private information against them. You might think that teens will come to their parents for help in such a case, but that’s not true. First, they’re innocent and scared, so that they won’t understand the right thing.

    And secondly, most kids don’t share their life with folks because of the distance in their relationships. That’s where you can use this feature and ensure your children are safe from any dangers. You can watch their online activity such as posts, messages, and followers. That will help you identify evil people, and you can block them using TheWiSpy best app to spy on android.

    GPS tracking:

    GPS tracking

    You can monitor your kid’s activities through GPS tracking. You will have real-time locations. It won’t stress you anymore when your kid will not inform you about where they are going. They can’t lie to you anymore when you aren’t around, and they can’t sneak behind your back. You can have your peace of mind knowing where they are 24/7, and you can rescue them in emergencies without sitting around.

    Web browser history control:

    Web browser history control

    TheWiSpy offer mind blowing feature that lets you view what websites your child is accessing with complete details. You will check the history of browsers to ensure that kids don’t search for suicidal material or watch adult films behind your back.

    Teenage is a challenging period, and children explore so many new things even though these can harm them. Addiction to adult games is becoming common in children ageing 13-18 years. That has increased the screen time with hours. So the spy app will help you keep control of such activity by blocking these sites.


    You can set safe boundaries for your kids with the help of TheWiSpy geofencing feature. These boundaries are set geographically; for example, you can block specific areas where you don’t want your kids to go in your absence. The app constantly keeps track of the target’s location, and the minute they step out of the house or enter the blocked area, will send you message alerts.

    You can also set an emails alert if you’re comfortable with that. You won’t have to stay worried for something terrible to happen to your child because you have control over their digital device. You can prevent problems in advance.

    Email tracking:

    Email is a source of communication that is used regularly, so if you are monitoring your child, you wouldn’t want to skip it. You can use a spy app for email tracking. You can view sent, received, and drafted emails. Apart from that, you can access the attached files, and you can fetch the whole file through the monitoring app.

    Camera spy:

    Technology has advanced, and so have the spying apps, which means if your kid has modern phones, then spying software is compatible with them. As a result, you can access every bit of information on the phone without touching it.

    TheWiSpy offers a highly advanced camera spy feature that will help you view real-time pictures where your child is hanging out. Let me explain in detail, and there are some times when you are unable to reach your kids because of an emergency. But you would want to ensure they’re safe by seeing with your own eyes.

    Here’s when a camera spy comes to the rescue; the app installed on the phone will access the phone’s camera and start clicking pictures on your command. You can see these images once uploaded on the dashboard. It’s this remote and mind-blowing feature that makes TheWiSpy number one choice for spying.

    Surround recording:

    Surround recording is as strong as the camera spy feature because it offers the same thing but in audio. For example, you can use a cell phone tracker app to record a real-time conversation in a small radius of the target phone.

    TheWiSpy will have access to the mobile microphone, and when you command the app, it will start recording. All the functionality is happening in the phone’s background, so your kid won’t notice it even if he is using it. You can hear the recording on your device as it is uploaded on the dashboard by the TWS.


    It is a handy feature that TheWiSpy offer to its users. You can record or store all the keywords typed on the mobile phone. That means from text messages to account details, and all are available to you.

    Thus, you don’t have to know passwords to get into someone’s phone or try to be updated when they change it because TheWiSpy will have the recorded password. You can visit any application without making a noticeable action and keep your child safe.

    TheWiSpy pros:

    • TheWiSpy has exceptional compatibility with android devices.
    • You can get different affordable plans for your spying needs.
    • Excellent customer service for you.
    • It is a trustworthy application.
    • Highly secure spying.
    • High-quality results with 100% accuracy.
    • It offers multiple monitoring services, e.g. employee monitoring and parental control.

    TheWiSpy cons:

    • You can use TheWiSpy subscription for one device at a time, and you can’t spy on all your children at once.
    • You won’t get a free trial after subscribing.

    TheWiSpyaffordable pricing:

    We have established that TheWiSpy is the best mobile phone tracking app, but the question is, how much does it cost? Regardless of the fact that TheWiSpy offer high-quality result you can get it at affordable prices. So you can spy under your budget and keep your kid away from internet dangers. It offers three price plans that you can get in the different time range.

    1.     Standard plan:

    The standard plan of TheWiSpy is available for $19.99, where you’ll get all the necessary spying features. For example, you can spy on text messages, call logs, track GPS location, and much more. However, this plan has no remote features, so you can use it for essential yet quality spying.

    ·        One-month:  $19.99 only

    ·        Three-month: $29.99 only

    ·        Six-month:$49.99 only

    2.     Premium plan:

    The premium plan is available for $29.99, and you can spy on any compatible device with it. In addition, it has a tremendous amount of features that are designed to provide insight information of the digital activity. For example, we have GPS tracking, a camera spy to click real-time pictures, surround recording to listen to what is happening and much more. You have three choices for subscribing to the premium plan.

    ·        One-month:$29.99 only

    ·        Three-month:$49.99 only

    ·        Six-month:$79.99 only

    3.     Platinum plan:

    In the end, we have the platinum plan that you can get for $49.99, along with new and updated features. That’s right, not only you can spy remotely, you can spy with modern technology functions that you won’t find anywhere. For example, it has WhatsApp monitoring, web browser history monitor, camera spy, and much more. Furthermore, you can get a platinum plan in three different time range so you can choose according to your needs.

    ·        One-month:$49.99 only

    ·        Three-month:$79.99 only

    ·        Six-month:$119.99 only

    TheWiSpyhigh compatibility:

    You can use TheWiSpy for both android mobile phones and tablets. Your target device must have OS of 4.0 or plus, so you can use advanced features without any problem. TheWiSpy is highly compatible, and you can install it easily on any android device. These aren’t just words but the trust of many users across the globe. We don’t make fake promises. Instead, we provide quality spying results.

    Final verdict:

    Before concluding TheWiSpy’s review, we would like to give you our final thought on the mobile phone tracking app. TheWiSpyAndroid spying software has exceptional functions that make high standard results possible for people.

    If your concern is to provide a secure lifestyle for your children, this is the right option. It is a well-supported spy application that guarantees 100% help in any step of the installation and usage. You can get your peace of mind without spending hundreds of dollars using affordable TheWiSpy software.

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