These are the best truck cars for not being the best drivers


When I originally started writing the list of TTAC’s “best truck cars,” I didn’t. So you probably already know which cars are on that first list, even if you haven’t read it. The BMW E30, Porsche 944, Mazda Miata are there and include the Concierge GTP, which is only surprising if you haven’t read the JoBorras article before. But it was a good list – I thought it was a list that any veteran SCCA / NASA guy or gal could lag behind.

At that time, I realized I knew a few veteran SCCA / NASA guys and gals, so I threw them to my friends Brandan and Tyler. Auto Interest Driving school to see what they think – and I didn’t really expect Brandan’s reaction.

“You wouldn’t like to drive these cars,” he said. “You are too late.”

It ’s great to win

He was right- teeth right. When I went out on a regular track, such as a road course, dragstrip, or cart truck, I didn’t go out for the purpose of “honing my skills” or “being integrated with the car.” That trash. Anyway, I’m an average driver, so I couldn’t even try it. Like most people, I have a good day and a fastest lap, but I never become Andretti or Schumacher.

What else do you know? You don’t do that either Maybe..

No, we’re not going out there to light the truck or clip the vertices. It is a pity. It’s a shame that I’m holding the steering wheel of the spec E30 BMW for the race. In the field of the other 20 E30 BMWs, you will lose. Or at least you can’t win.

Losing sucks. However, winning is great. Properly dominating victory over friends is twice as great, especially for highly competitive alpha men who spend a lot of time reading. Road & truck Talk about childhood articles and Porsche paddle shifters like some kind of sacrifice.

So what we need here is something a bit informal. This is not a list of cars to track in the sense that they are competitive in one or another class. This will be a list of cars that you can take on an open track day and run really fast right away. , And have an average skill set. Make a difference by mechanical or electronic tricks, “Pay to win“atmosphere.

Road course: GODZILLA

The first car to come up with a car that everyone feels like a rock star is the Nissan R35 GT-R.Indeed, it debuted in 2008 and it teeth It’s been a bit longer these days, but it’s a very digital animal and offers an experience similar to playing Sony’s Gran Turismo for a few rounds.

At the time of its debut, analog loyal people criticized the R35 for being too fast to drive.

“I spent 1,450 miles in the Nissan GT-R in early April and flew through the deserts of Nevada and Central California. I didn’t notch the GT-R’s maximum speed of 193mph. Or you) could have done so easily … in fact, the Nissan Coupe will plant itself on the road more than any car I’ve ever driven, “writes TTAC’s Stephen Wilkinson. Back to 2008.. “It was so easy to stretch the GT-R on a two-lane open road in Nevada, so my 28-year-old daughter could repeat this process a few minutes later, relaxing in her right seat. I did. “

You can laugh here for a while about the fact that the idea that Stephan’s fully grown adult daughter is confidently driving the R35 at three-digit speeds seems to threaten his masculinity. But I must admit that he clarified his claim: Anyone can drive any of these at high speed..

How fast is it?

A few years ago, Jack Barth and I went to Biebern, Pennsylvania to drive his green RS5. Swiss-tuned version of the R35 GT-R with 800 horsepower.. It began to snow in the middle of the day, but the GT-R didn’t slow down very much.

“I ran the car freely for a second, straightened it and used full power. Click. Click. 130 mph. Plus. In the snow. It’s as easy as a pie,” Jack wrote. .. “In the same time, it took Audi to hit 110. Hit the ABS on turn 1 and try again.”

That’s how it’s done. Let others talk about the feel of the wheel and riding the knife edge of traction at the limit before the rear end comes-after you post the time completely 3-4 seconds faster, he With the GT-R you have to tell the whole story to comfort yourself.

Drag Racing: King of Trailer Park

The last time I wrote about going to the truck, I focused on predictability and “dial-in”, and you will find much of the same here. The difference is that here I’m not going to rely on myself to find the perfect combination of revs and braking to find a hole shot – It’s up to the computer that drives the launch control of the late model Chevy Camaro...

With a drag strip, Launch Control is a great equalizer.. Combining the above launch control with an automatic transmission allows for ultra-fast shifts at the same time each time, giving you the qualities of a metronomic monster.

Indeed, dominating bracket drag is “Save the manualT-shirts … but I didn’t just choose the Camaro because it’s chance High-speed AFEven the 2018 SS of Bone Stock is soaring across a 1/4 mph finish line at speeds of over 115 mph and a depth of 12 seconds.

Need to go faster? The Camaro’s 8-speed automatic, shipped by the 2018 model, is sturdy enough, the ECU is smart enough to handle gentle nitrite shots and enter 11. If bitten by a racing bug even harder, the only limit on the Camaro LT1’s potential horsepower is the number of zero checking accounts.

Cart Truck: Rotary Radness

TaG cart – Abbreviation for “touch and go”, which means that you have a starter that allows you to participate in kart racing yourself. This is ridiculous fun. Few valuable things are available for suspension and aerodynamic changes and setups, so it’s generally believed that they have about the same ability in terms of pace, no matter what the CRG or Tony personnel say. increase. Kurts are generally believed to be more talented than those who are not. So, assuming you’re someone with more or less average talent here, how do you win?

With more horsepower, that’s the way. Meet the RENNtech SLR cart – Fully deliver 48 horsepower thanks to a race-ready CRG chassis combined with Mercedes-branded ABS plastic bodywork and an ultra-compact water-cooled “Aixro” rotary engine that fits snugly in the driver’s seat.

How fast is it? The fastest indoor cart can reach about 35 mph I personally clocked one of these Wankel engine carts down a long straight line at over 90 mph. Moroso PBIR.. In addition, it gets there quickly. You may not normally see the “rotary engine” and “torque monster” used to represent the same vehicle, but you probably didn’t compare that rotary to the bustling little two-stroke cart engine. Also.

If you can’t win with such a power advantage, winning isn’t for you, my friend.But believe me – I couldn’t win the Golden Driller trophy talent..

Bonus Radness: This is a tuned nitromethane burning Aixro hot saw that completely blows up a tree trunk during a lumberjack contest...

Final idea

I know this is probably not the kind of list you came here-and maybe you would have expected me to put some EVs in the mix, but I’m this I support the list.I drove so many fast cars and felt embarrassed (in front) girlBut) I’m doing it. If you thought you could bullshit the best and brightest, you might have written a story about the humorous power slide behind the steering wheel of a V8 Caterham, or talked about breaking 160 mph at Homestead. Hmm. At Mosler Raptor, the winner of OneLap Or how to almost melt the Ferrari 599 brakes in Mid-Ohio … but that’s bullshit.

I was afraid of the Caterham and trembled visibly, so someone else had to take me home.At Raptor, I was so busy looking at the speedometer that I rarely saw the usual braking point (established in the ’87 BMW 325) passing through the corner of my right eye – I brake with my heart. Called When The butt was in my throat … and stopped completely about 40 feet from the top. As for Ferrari, I think I left the parking brake front of girl..

At Nissan? no problem. Point, gas, go – trust (or) the process. Camaro? For those looking out, I’m a veteran professional. Aixro cart? You might catch me in a corner, but overtaking me is different from catching me, and that corner is about to end.Of course, these may not be the most prestigious types of wins, but I’ll leave the discussion to you. Them Kind with the rest of the loser.

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These are the best truck cars for not being the best drivers

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