Saturday, September 25, 2021

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    The White House wants $ 65 billion to prepare for a future pandemic

    “If we don’t commit our resources now, we’re very worried that it will be difficult and unlikely in the next few years,” Dashur wrote in an email. “Now is the time to apply the lessons learned.”

    Some Democrats have repeatedly called for the first $ 30 billion to be included in their budget packages.Some of them Senator Patimalay, Washington Democrat and Senator Health Commission Chairman, and Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren.Warren and six democratic colleagues I wrote recently He called on the leaders of both Houses and Senates to include $ 30 billion in their budget packages “to prevent and prepare for future pandemics.”

    “The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that underinvestment in our public health infrastructure, biomedical research pipeline, and medical supply chain can have disastrous consequences,” Senator wrote.

    The commission is still negotiating the details of the budget package, and some people familiar with the plan said the White House announcement on Friday was a majority of Capitol Hill leaders, especially New York Democrats. He said it might be an effort to push Senator Chuck Schumer. Postpone the administration’s full $ 65.3 billion plan and promise at least $ 15 billion in budgetary measures.

    Schumer has been uncommitted so far. “I’ve worked so far, but I’ll continue to work to make the investment I need to be fully prepared for a future pandemic,” he says. I wrote on Twitter last month.

    Dr. Lander joined the National Security Council on Friday with Elizabeth Cameron, Senior Director of Global Health Security and Biodefense. She also works at the Obama White House and drafted a preparatory document known as the Pandemic Playbook. She said Biden’s plan “is making great use of these efforts” as well as “based on the lessons learned from this pandemic.”

    according to Documents published by the White House, This plan has five core goals. Improvements and expansions of domestic weapons for vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. Improve infectious disease threat monitoring. Strengthening public health systems “with a special focus on reducing inequality”. Build a supply chain and stockpile of personal protective equipment and other items. “Manage missions” by creating a new mission management office, a task that Dr. Lander likened to the Apollo program of sending astronauts to the moon in the 1960s.

    “If you get to the moon and have a great booster rocket, but you don’t have a landable capsule or an instructable computer, it won’t work,” he said.

    The White House wants $ 65 billion to prepare for a future pandemic

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