The United States tightens travel test requirements and mandates pan dates


US President Joe Biden talks about the Covid-19 vaccine shot given in the United States on February 25, 2021 at the Eisenhower Executive Building in Washington, DC.

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The Biden administration has tightened travel rules within the United States and within the United States, requiring all inbound international passengers to inspect Covid within 24 hours of departure, and enacting mask requirements for all domestic and public transport in March. It will be extended until the 18th.

The changes were announced Thursday as part of a broader plan to strengthen the weapons of national tools in the fight against viruses as the world enters its third year of the pandemic.

The plan is also the latest move by the Biden administration to stop the spread of the new highly mutated Omicron Covid-19 mutant, first reported to WHO from South Africa a week ago. To date, at least 23 countries have identified cases of Omicron, And that number is expected to increase in the coming days and weeks, WHO said Wednesday.

The United States joined the list after confirming the first case of a variant in Northern California on Wednesday.

The rigorous pre-departure inspection protocol applies to all inbound travelers, regardless of vaccination status, and will begin as early as next week, senior officials told reporters at a press conference late Wednesday. rice field. Previously, the United States required proof of a negative Covid test that took place within 72 hours of departure, but this became stricter only for travelers vaccinated last month. Unvaccinated travelers had to have a negative Covid test within one day of departure.

“Our physicians believe that tightening pre-departure testing requirements will help capture more cases, potential cases of people who are positive and may be in the country,” the government said. A senior official said. “And now is the right time to do that, and we can implement it very quickly.”

Maskman dates, which were originally supposed to expire in January, require masking while at transportation hubs such as buses, trains, planes, indoor bus terminals and airports.The fine remains Double from the initial level From $ 500 for violating requirements to $ 3,000 for repeat offenders.

Vaccine obligations

Home Covid Test

The Biden administration’s winter Covid plan also includes more free home exams.

According to the plan, more than 150 million Americans with private insurance will be able to get a refund for their home tests. Those who do not have private insurance will be able to access home exams through community sites such as health centers and local clinics.

The plan also strengthens outreach efforts to vaccinate more people, “to ensure fair distribution of Covid-19 treatment to vulnerable populations and to support the fight against the virus. The goal is to set up a quick response team of over 60 in the state.

“This new variant is a source of concern, but not a cause of panic,” said senior management. “We have the tools we need to confront this variant and keep the fight against the virus moving forward.”

Biden ordered last week Preventive travel ban from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Malawi. He didn’t say how long the ban that came into effect on Monday would last.

These restrictions came into effect three weeks after the United States. Lifting the total ban on visitors We are replacing vaccination requirements for tourists from more than 30 countries, including the United Kingdom, India, Brazil and South Africa.Other countries implemented new travel restrictions last week, sending airlines and other travel stocks. Tanburingu..

The president on Monday also said his administration is working with vaccine manufacturers. Pfizer, Modana When Johnson & Johnson Develop an emergency response plan for additional vaccines or boosts tailored to protect against new variants.

Hello Directs the US Food and Drug Administration and the CDC Use “the fastest process available without omissions” to approve such potential vaccines.

The current Covid-19 vaccine on the market is believed to provide some protection against Omicron, Biden said Monday, adding that Booster Shot “significantly enhances that protection.”

On Wednesday, Fauci said the profile of the mutant suggests that the mutation may reduce the efficacy of current vaccines. However, he added that more data is needed.

Omicron has more than 30 mutations in pesplomer alone. According to WHO, some of the mutations are associated with higher transmission and reduced antibody protection.

CNBC Spencer Kinball When Leslie Joseph Contributed to this report.

The United States tightens travel test requirements and mandates pan dates

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