Thursday, October 21, 2021

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    The United Nations warns of Myanmar’s lack of aid as the country faces a “triple crisis”

    The United Nations faces a serious shortage of donor funding to Myanmar, despite a military coup, economic crisis, and Covid-19 tripled the number of people in need of emergency assistance, the United Nations said. Said the top executives.

    Andrew Kirkwood, UN coordinator for Myanmar, told the Financial Times that as of October 6, global groups had raised more than half of the $ 385 million emergency humanitarian appeal against Myanmar. Deepening civil war The crisis of the last few months has overshadowed Afghanistan..

    “Hundreds of thousands have been evacuated this year, and millions more are in poverty as conflict and Covid-19 have lost their jobs,” Kirkwood said. “The prices of basic commodities are rising, forcing people to get food and medicine that are no longer available.”

    The funding gap arises as the United Nations faces criticism from civil society groups and Myanmar’s parallel National Unity Government of Myanmar.

    The United Nations estimates that 215,000 people have been displaced since the February 1 coup. Coups occur in addition to the country’s long-standing ethnic armed conflict and economic sacrifice. Pandemic..

    “I think this is a crisis on top of the third crisis,” Kirkwood said. “I have lived in this country for 17 years and have never seen anything worse than it is today.”

    Post-coup unrest and economic collapse have led to soaring food and fuel prices in large cities such as Yangon and Mandalay. “Myanmar is, of course, considered a horrific human rights crisis, but it is also a primary humanitarian catastrophe,” said Tan Min Wu, author of Burma’s hidden history. increase. “There is no scenario where millions of people starve and democracy exists shortly thereafter.”

    According to Kirkwood, the United Nations has tripled the number of people eligible for emergency assistance in Myanmar this year from 1 million to 3 million in 56 million countries.

    In the countryside, rebel groups have been strengthened Guerrilla attack In recent weeks, the Min Aung Hlaing junta’s army and police have imprisoned or killed fighters and civilians, and in some areas have burned homes and retaliated.

    Violence put the United Nations at the center of a toxic conflict between the junta and the anti-military government backed by the parallel NUG.

    Laetitia van den Assum, a diplomatic expert and former Dutch diplomat, said: “The coup has exacerbated the already tense delivery mechanism.”

    On Friday NUGHe criticized Kirkwood for using the phrase “military takeover” to describe the coup in an online statement last week.

    “What he didn’t add during his discussion of Covid-19’s’catastrophic third wave’is that these are military-caused crises,” the parallel government said on Facebook. I said in the post.

    Separately, the Myanmar Special Advisory Board, an independent group of experts, claimed that the United Nations was “on the verge of another failure” at home.

    “The United Nations in Myanmar needs an appropriate strategy to engage with what it is, the armed groups adopting terrorism rather than the government,” co-operated by former UN Special Rapporteur in Myanmar, Yanghee Lee. The established group said. statement.

    When asked if the United Nations was at risk of being considered in favor of the administration, Kirkwood said that all humanitarian assistance in Myanmar was a partner of UN agencies or global organizations, international non-governmental organizations and locals. He said it was provided directly by a civil society group.

    “I don’t think donors are worried that having to work in a way that is inconsistent with our humanitarian principles would jeopardize our provision of humanitarian assistance,” Kirkwood said.

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    The United Nations warns of Myanmar’s lack of aid as the country faces a “triple crisis”

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