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That’s the average American salary. What can happen? $ 800,000?

It costs money Over $ 100,000 a year Attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. I don’t know exactly what you will get with that money, but there is clearly no insight into the everyday economy in the syllabus. Nina Strominger, an assistant professor at Wharton School, recently asked her students how much the average American thinks they will earn in a year.A quarter of the class, she reported in Viral tweetsI thought it was more than 6 digits. One student thought it was $ 800,000. Real appearance? About $ 53,838According to last year’s Social Security Administration (SSA) figures.

Now, obviously, this is an informal poll broadcast on Twitter. It is not a peer-reviewed scientific study. Still, it has made many people nervous because it reflects the fact that the ultra-rich people seem to live on a planet that is completely different from others. According to New York Times data Average household income Students at the University of Pennsylvania cost $ 195,500. 19% of the students come from the top 1% of earners, but only 3.3% come from the bottom 20%. Wharton is a matter of Alma for people like Ivanka Trump and her father. Wharton is a slightly oversimplified and risky place that primarily accepts people from wealthy families. These people then become politicians and industrial giants, making even more money.

If this poll reveals that some underprivileged students are incredibly out of touch, that’s one thing. However, myopia represented by Wharton is reflected in society as a whole.As Harvard University Professor As pointed out in a Twitter thread, research shows that what others think they will make. How much to make yourself.. People tend to significantly underestimate the gap between the rich and the poor.

Need another example of myopia due to this lifestyle? last year, The New York Times asked Eight candidates for the mayor of New York showed how much they thought about the median selling price of a home in Brooklyn. Investment banker Raymond J. McGuire thought, “It should be somewhere in the $ 80,000- $ 90,000 range, if not more.” Sean Donovan, Barack Obama’s Secretary of Housing and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Housing Commissioner, estimated it to be “about $ 100,000.” What is the real answer? $ 900,000.

It’s easy to laugh at these guys, but I can’t fully emphasize this stress, there’s nothing interesting about this. These people are not an unmanageable anomaly. The vast majority of people who move the world do not live like the people they represent and seem to be completely unaware of the problems faced by ordinary people.In the United States, the majority of parliamentary members Billionaire.. Meanwhile, in the UK, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak is a former banker worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Much of this comes from a wife who is wealthier than his wife. Queen of england.. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected £ 250,000 a year ($ 284,000) from his second job writing a newspaper column (every week unless he thinks it’s normal for a writer). Please let me know that you will be paid $ 500) (in the patriarchal column), “Chicken feed”..

“It’s hard to imagine these guys solving problems they don’t know exist,” said Monica Klein, a political consultant for the New York Times. Mayor candidate’s view In the Brooklyn housing market. And this really summarizes the problem. Too many politicians don’t know what it means to not be able to afford a home, be overwhelmed by student loans, or go bankrupt with medical expenses. They know nothing about the problems faced by the majority of Americans-that’s why none of these problems are fixed. Instead, they spend time doing things that are important to people like them, also known as larger tax cuts. By the way, this is a bipartisan issue.The second most expensive element of the Democratic Joe Biden administration bill is $ 275 billion tax cut Mainly for those who pay large property taxes that benefit the top 10%. This tax cut costs more than establishing a paid family and medical leave program.

All the crises facing the world are ultimately leadership crises.As I write My new book (Sorry for the slightly shameless plug) Nothing can be changed unless the person in charge is changed. It does not simply mean putting women or people of color in power. That means breaking down the barriers that prevent the general public from running for public office. That actually means having a government that represents its members.

Gwyneth Paltrow is currently selling $ 75 “Hands Off My Vagina” candles.

This is to celebrate the anniversary of the groundbreaking abortion decision, Roe v. Wade. $ 25 Each sale Donated to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation’s Reproductive Freedom Project.

Supreme Court rejected another attempt to block Texas’ six-week abortion ban

Gwyneth Paltrow sells many candles better because the state of reproductive rights in the United States has just changed from a dire state to a very dire state.Thursday, Supreme Court was denied An attempt by an abortion provider to prevent a six-week abortion ban in Texas. Judge Sonia Sotomayor disagreed, “This case is a disaster for the rule of law and a serious disadvantage for Texas women who have the right to control their bodies.” ..

Green M & M has become a makeover

The bad news is that American women aren’t immediately getting affordable childcare or paid maternity leave. The good news is that Mars has made an image change to the M & M character to promote inclusiveness.Green ones no longer wear high heels She is wearing sneakers.. So there is it.

A female journalist in the Middle East has been hacked into a mobile phone with Pegasus spyware

that is Reportedly By Frontline Defender and Access Now. “When the government monitors women, they work to destroy them,” Access Now policy manager Marwa Fatafta wrote in a statement attached to the report. “Surveillance is a violent act.”

Men are now buying NFT girlfriends

The moment I thought I was an NFT maniac I couldn’t get any more madness..

Mottley said she was last year Incredible speech At Cop26 and her government Told the england The monarchy they can go to is packed.

week of pawtriarchy

Drones rarely appear in uplifting news stories, but this week The exception is.A small dog named Milly caught on a tidal flat prevented the rescue team from drowning. I attached sausage I seduced her to the drone and to her freedom. A member of the search and rescue team said, “I’ve never tried it before. Sausages were the last resort.”

The ultra-rich live on another planet.Their thoughts on US salaries prove it | Alwa Mahadawi

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