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    The Student Hall in Hell has no windows that interfere with your studies or sleep.Rowan Moore

    NSFrom time to time, the idea looks so transparent and hyperbolic terrible that you may wonder if it has a secret glow. It’s from Manger Hall, which plans to build a dormitory at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is home to 94% of the 4,500 students. Room without windows.. Instead, a glowing screen that mimics sunlight is promised.

    Some contrarians tried to justify it. This is especially true of the 97-year-old billionaire Charlie Munger, the donor and designer of the building. He compared the room to the sleeper on the cruise ship. This seems to ignore the difference between the short vacations and the school year, which may be supplemented by the tropical paradise visited by windowless cabins.

    The university sought to create a virtue of the fact that students get all the oxygen they need from the ventilation system, so they don’t have to bother opening windows.An urban planner justified the project as a response to housing shortages due to: Nimby..

    The problem with this debate-let’s address the need for housing by confining housing more miserably than ever-it’s bottomless. Perhaps in the future, students will be frozen at cryogenic nights, efficiently stacked using the Amazon distribution center’s storage and recovery system, and then in time for a morning swallow of lab-made alternative foods. It may be unzipped as. But go that far to see what is the wrinkled vision of mankind that doesn’t add value to sunlight or day and night rhythms, and where this approach is willing to be accepted by college. No need to. A lot of cash. In retrospect, Manger Hall is as terrible as it looks.

    The exhibition is too far

    Do I really need a 3,000 mile round trip to visit the Moscow Garage Museum of Contemporary Art? Photo: Sergei Fadeichev / TASS

    I received a “special invitation to Moscow” from an “international public relations company”. Take a look at the “Eco Pavilion with a mesh frame containing PET bottles” installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Garage.Pavilion designed by Moscow-based practices Lippmann ArchitectsIs about “inviting conversations on topics such as material recycling and the environmental impact of temporary construction.” However, climate emergencies are certainly past the point where “inviting conversation” is of great help. Journalists will also notice a conceptual flaw in planning a 3,000-mile carbon-intensive round trip to witness this valuable work.

    Horrible gentrification

    Marsha de Cordova, Congressman Battersea
    Marsha de Cordova, MP of Battersea, describes the street name of Plantation Wharf as follows: Photo: Tommy London / Alami Stock Photo

    Plantation Wharf is a residential development site in Battersea, southwest London, with addresses such as Cotton Row and Morashizurou.Twenty-six years after its construction, local parliamentarian Marsha de Cordova Name to change.. “They are pretty sick and in many ways almost admire the abominable slavery of Africans,” she says. When it comes to cloth ears, there’s nothing better than the marketing slogan of local councilor Plantation Wharf. Aydin Dikerdem Found on the website of real estate agent Eden Harper. Alongside the breathtaking story of a local celebrity, it talks about a “harmless piece of extraordinary habit” that lived in a dilapidated barge. One night, “A gentrification plan is underway, a mysterious flame destroys an obtrusive ship, and the eccentric inhabitants never hear or see it again.”

    This is a spicy story, a work that enhances the value of local colors. A man may have lost his home and burned at the stake for the benefit of real estate. Perhaps, as Eden Harper calls them, the “expansive glass section” of development provides a good view of the crime scene.

    Rowan Moore is an observer architecture critic

    The Student Hall in Hell has no windows that interfere with your studies or sleep.Rowan Moore

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