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    The spectacular fall from the grace of anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers happened at record speed | Green Bay Packers

    NSI think Aaron Rodgers may be hosting Jeopardy! just now.Yes, the Green Bay Packers quarterback was temporary One of the leading candidates Host an iconic quiz show. He was acclaimed during his tenure as a guest host and became a kind of pop intellectual in American life.Well, later Interview Rogers Public Relations Disaster At the Pat McAfee show on Friday, they can consider themselves lucky to dodge at least one bullet. Their quest beyond the stars To replace the late Alex Trebek.

    Rogers-Currently, you can’t play with the team. Covid-19 test positive – I joined the SiriusXM program after a report came out and it became clear that he was. At best, dodge the truth When he previously claimed he was “immunized” rather than fully vaccinated. Fortunately, he was more direct this time. The bad news was that he was probably too honest for his own benefit.

    For everyone involved, it could have been much easier. Rogers claimed to have “allergies to the ingredients in the mRNA vaccine” when given the opportunity to protect himself from being unvaccinated. If he had stuck to this line of defense, he could have distracted some of the upcoming criticisms. Indeed, after the “immunized” blunder, Rogers would not have benefited from the suspicion that he would have been given a week ago, but that is far more than the path he took directly from the rails. Would have been wise.

    Instead, an interview with Rogers featured an avalanche of anti-Vaxer buzzwords and phrases that were too familiar, revealing his disclaimer cavities that each was not “Anti-Vax.”You will never guess it, but Rogers did his own research with none other than help Conspiracy-theoretic podcaster Joe Rogan.. He opposed “awakened mobs” and “cultural cancellations” after confirming that his personal “immunization protocol” contained ivermectin. He threw in a false quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. as if he were trying to pull him apart. Full tucker Carlson..

    Interviews that caused non-stop ridicule on social media can irreparably damage the reputation of someone who was one of the country’s most beloved athletes just a few months ago. Since replacing Brett Favre with a Green Bay starter in 2008, Rogers has quickly become one of the NFL’s most well-funded stars. He has established himself as one of the most exciting and talented quarterbacks in the game, and his fascinating off-field personas have, until recently, been transformed into a wide range of fascination that most other athletes can’t claim. I did.

    How wide is it? In the 2020 survey Only 8% of respondents He had a negative opinion of Rogers. It’s very impressive for non-packers fans, considering how fun it is to see the league’s dominant and most valuable players dismantle their team’s defenses on a regular basis.He even helped break the athlete’s stereotypes I had no intellectual curiosityIronically, the fact that if it led him to take his current stance on Covid-19, it could be his redo.

    Aaron Rodgers was named NFL MVP by The Associated Press during the 2011, 2014 and 2020 seasons. Photo: Mark J Rebilas / USA Today Sports

    His reputation cannot survive this intact. NS ESPN’s Minakimes points outRogers’ irresponsible comments aren’t just harmless nonsense. Already endangering others in his decision, he is harmed by being documented by disseminating false information conveyed in too familiar language of the country’s large-scale vaccination movement. Was added. When we talk about infectious diseases, “my body, my choice” collapses.

    That is important here. Rogers isn’t the only NFL quarterback to publicly promote the treatment of suspicious medical value. One of the reasons Tom Brady is currently playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is that the New England Patriots didn’t approve of his intimacy. Controversial “Nutrition Advisor” Alex Guerrero.. Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson sells fellow athletes in a type of water that may help treat concussion (There is no reliable medical evidence that it does).

    Both Brady and Wilson have received negative media attention in favor of what we charitably call “unproven remedies,” but do not escalate bad coverage like Rogers. It was as smart as it was. It also disseminates disinformation that has been proven during the literal pandemic and making savage, untested claims about the benefits of drinking water to state that it should be obvious but not so clearly. There is a difference in size between things.

    Rogers isn’t heading for a full-blown “cancellation”, but he seems to feel itchy. Conservative football fans (an unimportant part of the NFL audience) will accept him as one of them. He is already preparing for a profitable future in the right-wing professional community. As his friend Logan knows, there is a lot of money to make by calling on the so-called “awakened mob”.

    However, the results will almost certainly occur.Rogers could lose some sponsorship, and the NFL is already annoyed by being criticized, perhaps more than the fact that Rogers misunderstood the general public about his preventive contact situation. Media counterattack started.. Packers aren’t happy with this either, but Rogers has already made it clear that he wants to leave the organization, so there may be more features here than bugs.

    Rogers’ notebook may be hit a bit, but as long as he’s one of the league’s top quarterbacks, he’s financially well. It is his public position that the real damage comes.Rogers never competes Titles of the most popular players in the league Again, he is not responsible for anyone but himself. Not all NFL defeats occur in the field.

    The spectacular fall from the grace of anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers happened at record speed | Green Bay Packers

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