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Tucson, Arizona 2021-09-16 04:00:00 –

Last week, President Joe Biden finally came down unvaccinated.

Biden has announced plans to require everyone working in a company with more than 100 unvaccinated employees to be tested weekly to ensure they are not COVID positive. Biden has announced similar requirements for federal contractors and anyone working in a medical facility that receives federal dollars.

However, the Biden administration has excluded it for those who refuse to vaccinate. They require unvaccinated people to be tested weekly so that vaccinated people do not have to worry about working next to COVID Mary.

Is it inconvenient to take the test? Yeah, probably. It’s also inconvenient to see a pandemic in Arizona killing 200 people a week. Many paralyzed people who conducted their own research concluded that this was a plan to put a microchip inside the body. Or whatever weird debate they have this week about how vaccines kill people and somehow somehow.

Of course, Republicans across Arizona lost marbles after Biden announced.

Governor Doug Ducey He denounced the plan as an “authoritarian” and a “war against our constitution.” Ducey returned to his latest theme: It was somehow Biden’s fault that Republicans turned COVID prevention efforts into a political battle.

Ducey himself was willing to volunteer for the fight in the last few months. He is at least vaccinated, but he has taken some steps to prevent relief in schools where many children are still too young to receive injections. Duchy is not only threatening schools that need masks, but in fact is an additional designed to reduce the spread of COVID to school districts that refuse to enact mask obligations. I am sending federal dollars. In other words, he creates financial incentives to reduce mitigation efforts. (The Biden administration follows Ducey’s strategy, promising to use federal funding to backfill the school’s need for masks.)

And it’s important to remember that under Ducey’s strategy, Arizona has become the worst place in the world twice in the world due to the COVID epidemic and is now the third wave. Doug, I don’t have much pride there.

Ducey’s obsession with blocking mitigation efforts is to prolong the pandemic for another two years, claiming that Biden and the Democrats haven’t done enough to fight COVID and run for president. It doesn’t make sense unless you want it.

Duchy’s law, which bans mask mandates, is the subject of a proceeding heard in the Maricopa County High Court this week and may unleash many of the policy elements passed each year in the budget. The Arizona Board of Education Association and other groups are suing the state for saying that the ban on mask mandates has nothing to do with the budget and violates the single-subject rules of the Arizona Constitution.

Ducey complains that Biden is undermining confidence in the vaccine with his new proposal. This is a pretty interesting spin of things, given that there is no stomach to criticize those who actually undermine confidence in the vaccine. That’s because the biggest vaccine skeptics are at a Republican base that has already seen him as a Kwisling to approve Arizona’s election certification for Biden’s victory in Arizona.

Prosecutor General Mark Brnovich He also assassinated Biden’s new rules and called the plan “a devastating step towards nationalization of our health care system and private workforce.” Brunovich has filed a proceeding against the Biden administration this week because the new plan is “one of the biggest violations of personal freedom, federalism and separation of powers the US president has ever attempted.” Announced.

Brno has a strange obsession with keeping the Arizonas healthy. His desperate efforts to break the Affordable Care Act in recent years have been so ridiculous that even the current Supreme Court told him and his fellow state AGs that they were wrong about the law. ..

Brno has its own problems within the Republican Party as it seeks a GOP nomination to challenge the Democratic US Senator. Mark kelly next year. Last year I saw him convert from an independent thinker who guaranteed Arizona’s election results to a clown with a first-class ticket for a conspiracy train. Like Ducey, Brno knows that Republican bases don’t trust him, so he’s fighting on behalf of the embarrassing cyber ninja audit of the Maricopa County elections. He threatens to withhold $ 676 million from Maricopa County unless he hands over confidential information to the fraudulent knucklehead.

No matter how much Brno throws into the conspiracy crowd, he will still be struck by Tucson’s rich child. BreakmastersThose who have the financial power to carry out ads targeting Brno, full of nonsense and false allegations. But even if the media calls for those lies, Republican bases continue to believe them. And Brno doesn’t have the resources to undermine Master’s credibility.

You almost have to feel sorry for Brno, but he is one of the Republican officials who encouraged voters to believe in all the bullshit given to them. After all, he’s getting what he deserves from the Masters.

The Skinny: Jibber Jab: Arizona Republicans lose their marbles over new vaccine requirements from the Biden Administration | The Skinny Source link The Skinny: Jibber Jab: Arizona Republicans lose their marbles over new vaccine requirements from the Biden Administration | The Skinny


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