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    “The risk of miscalculation in China due to overconfidence is real.”

    MI6 Chief Richard Moore speaks at the Institute for International Strategy in London, where British intelligence works with the global technology sector to combat the rise of cyber threats from hostile nations, criminals and terrorists. Said that the door needs to be opened. ..

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    Richard Moore, head of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service MI6, is concerned that China may “miscalculate” because of its overconfidence in its global position.

    “The structural plates are changing as China’s power and willingness to claim it increase,” Moore said in his first speech since taking office as head of the espionage agency last October. The speech was given at the Alandel House in London as part of an event hosted by the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank.

    “Beijing believes in its own publicity about the western vulnerability and underestimates Washington’s determination,” added Moore, who joined the espionage agency 34 years ago. “The risk of miscalculation in China due to overconfidence is real.”

    The Chinese embassy in London did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment on Moore’s speech.

    In recent years, tensions have increased around Taiwan and the South China Sea as Beijing has become more active in claiming territory under Xi Jinping.

    “There are many areas in which we need to be involved with Beijing, such as trade and investment, cultural ties, and the cross-border challenges of climate change and biodiversity,” Moore said.

    “But the fact remains that China is an authoritarian state with different values, which is reflected in the threat posed by the Chinese state.”

    MI6 headquarters in London, England.

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    Headquartered on the banks of the River Thames in Vauxhall, London, MI6 is recruiting and operating secret agents in other countries to provide confidential information to the UK Government. The CIA-equivalent agency in the United States has become world-famous thanks to the fictional James Bond series, which plays the MI6 agent codenamed 007.

    Moore said that China’s own intelligence agency is “very capable” and continues to spy on Britain and its allies on a large scale, with research of particular interest to government workers and the Chinese state. He added that he is targeting people who do it.

    “Chinese intelligence is trying to take advantage of the open nature of our society, such as through the use of social media platforms,” ​​Moore said.

    According to Moore, if China decides to use its power to solve the Taiwan issue, world stability and peace could collapse. China sees Taiwan as a separate state, but Taiwan has seen Taiwan as a separate state since it separated from the mainland in 1949 following a prolonged civil war.

    “Chinese Communist Party leaders are increasingly supporting bold and decisive actions that are justified for national security reasons,” Moore said. “The era of [former Chinese leader] Deng Xiaoping said, “Hide your power and bid your time” is over for a long time. “

    Beijing has elicited international criticism for that “Extensive Program of Repression” To the members of that Uighur Muslim minority group. This includes forced labor, mass imprisonment of more than one million people in “re-education” camps, and suspicion of sterilization in Uighur women. News media And that US State Department.. Beijing denies that it violates the human rights of Uighurs.

    “Unfortunately, these control and surveillance technologies are being increasingly exported by China to other governments, expanding the network of authoritarian controls around the globe,” Moore said. ..

    Russia and Iran

    “Technology can help in many ways to automate some of the tasks that intelligence personnel perform,” Griffith said. “This is due to something like automated big data or analysis to find needles in the haystack (a potential threat to the UK from an attack), or when an officer is deployed abroad. Countries that may be used to increase available capacity “

    Moore added that the world lives in a “fiercely contested era” in which nation-states compete beyond the virtual and physical realms.

    “We live in a world transformed by digital connectivity and are at the forefront of revolutionary advances in technology, which impacts the way we live and work in completely unpredictable ways. “Masu,” said Moore, adding advances in artificial intelligence. Quantum engineering and engineering biology bring about dramatic changes.

    “The surface of digital attacks that criminals, terrorists and hostile nations are trying to exploit against us is growing exponentially,” Moore said.

    “According to some assessments, the next decade may be more technologically advanced than in the last century and may have the same devastating impact as the Industrial Revolution. As a society, this harsh fact and its potential impact. Has not yet been fully internalized. It is a global geopolitics, but it is a heated focus for MI6. “

    — CNBC’s Christina Wilkie contributed to this article.

    “The risk of miscalculation in China due to overconfidence is real.”

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