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    The retail industry pushes the conference and tries to fine-tune its health

    Visitors will enter the venue for the NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show on January 12, 2020 in New York, USA.

    Wang Ying | Xinhua News Agency | Getty Images

    “The big show will continue,” said Matt Shay, chairman of the National Retail Federation, on Monday.

    And on Friday, as more speakers and attendees withdraw from the conference, it remains a trade group’s plan.

    The National Retail Federation will begin its annual rally in New York City this weekend. It is one of many annual meetings and trade fairs that celebrate the New Year in January each year.But at Omicron Pushing the Covid case to new heights, Meeting planning becomes complicated, Encourages the industry to make tough calls..

    JP Morgan Healthcare Conference — Healthcare Experts, Leading Pharmaceutical Companies, Healthcare Startups Participating — Virtually decided to hold an annual event this week.. CES 2022, a trade fair hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, I advanced the event Less crowded, but last week. And while the film industry has announced plans to host the Berlin International Film Festival directly in February, the Sundance Film Festival scheduled for later this month has been virtualized.

    In some cases, decisions are symbolic and reflect the company’s challenges as it seeks to bring consumers closer to normal. Grocery stores and drug stores kept their doors open during the wave before the pandemic and staffed the stores.Cinema is about to Bring back the audienceSome people are crazy to sit next to strangers.

    “We go beyond the pandemic Endemic“This year’s tournament is a step forward in this new environment,” the NRF said in a statement on Friday. “It’s definitely going to be a bit annoying, but it’s a step forward.”

    People have less chance to take off their masks to drink and socialize, as in past meetings. The NRF recently decided to postpone two major events (a more intimate dinner hosted by the Awards Gala and the NRF Foundation) until mid-April. The Foundation sent a personal note to the CEO and winners on January 6th to announce the changes. It also postpones student programs that coincide with the Big Show indefinitely, typically attracting about 800 college student attendees for education and networking.

    NRF has announced enhanced safety measures. In addition to requiring masks and vaccination certification, it plans to distribute N95 masks and household Covid test kits.

    Similarly, the Berlin Film Festival said the event had more stringent restrictions and no parties.

    Decrease in attendance

    However, two days later, an NRF spokesman said there were 15,000 confirmed attendees.

    Meeting schedules are changed almost every day.Jessica Alba Honest company Last Friday, we confirmed that the company’s founder and CEO had dropped out of the lineup. Saks CEO Marc Metrick withdraws earlier this week.. Both were notable speakers on the main stage of the event.

    Target On Friday, CEO Brian Cornell said he was still planning to attend the event. He will give a keynote speech and win the Trade Group’s “Visionary” award. However, the company said it is looking at ways to reduce the travel of other employees who plan to go and participate virtually.

    Session with TapestryCoach and Kate Spade’s parent company, is no longer on the three-day agenda. in the meantime, Old navy, Stitch correction, Loews When Nordstrom Choose not to attend the meeting and instead hold a session in effect.

    Executives from Macy’s, WW International (Formerly Weight Watchers International), Victoria’s Secret, Authentic Brands Group and Coresight Research are expected to participate directly.

    So far, NRF has not provided virtual options for attendees or speakers that are not set on the Javits Center main stage.

    I feel that now is the right time to come back together in some way. This is the time to start normalization.

    Stephanie Marts

    National Retail Federation Corporate Lawyer

    In a tweet on January 6th, Future Commerce Phillip Jackson co-founder said, “NRF’s big show will be like a no-show.”

    Omicron is highly contagious, so an event with thousands of participants can become a super-spreader event. After the CES in Las Vegas last week, nearly 70 participants, including Samsung executives, tested positive for the coronavirus. According to a Reuters report.. It is not clear if those participants were infected with Covid while at the tech show or from off-site events such as dinner at a restaurant.

    Javits Center, the venue for NRF’s big show, is already The first known example of Omicron spreading in the United StatesAfter a cluster of about 53,000 incidents gathered at the November Anime Conference was detected.

    ‘open for business’

    The NRF is in the process of meeting as many retail workers with minimum or near minimum wages appear to work daily in stores and warehouses. On the other hand, many of the industry’s top executives and corporate employees have been able to work from the comfort and safety of their homes.

    “In fact, it’s really important for all of us to remember that frontline retail workers have been working all the time and are asking them to come to work and deal with their customers.” Said Stephanie Marts. NRF Chief Administrative Officer and Legal Advisor in an interview on January 5th.

    She said vaccines, masks, and other safety precautions changed the game in both conferences and general business operations.

    “It’s safe to pull out people because each company makes its own decisions, but I think we should take advantage of that fact as a trade association on behalf of retailers. The economy is open to business. We think it is possible and should be. “

    “I feel it’s a good time to come back together in some way,” Marts added. “This is the time to start normalization.”

    NRF’s Shay reiterated the importance of staying in business despite the pandemic.

    “I was encouraged by Mayor Eric Adams’ expressed desire to keep New York City open,” Shay said in a LinkedIn post. “The overwhelming impression from members, exhibitors, retailers, partners and participants is that the show should go on … this year’s show is a step forward, necessary and meaningful. believe.”

    The retail industry pushes the conference and tries to fine-tune its health

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