The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Producers: We Need Even More Erika Jayne!


As you may have heard, Beverly Hills Real House Wives is about to air its spectacular four-part reunion.

It starts next Wednesday and focuses on the absolute banana scandal that continues to plague Erika Jayne.

The embarrassed cast member faces allegations that she has colluded with her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, to trick some of her past clients from millions of dollars.

seek Jane and Andy Cohen clash on stage At the aforementioned reunion about Jane’s alleged role in this alleged plan.

But here is:

Bravo usually shoots these reunion specials and then airs these reunion specials-and takes a long break.

A new season for shows like Beverly Hills’ Real House Wives will usually premiere at some point in the mid-to-late 2022.

But insiders told TMZ that executives are planning to make an exception to this franchise.

Erika Jayne at the award show

There was so much turmoil with Jane these days … as Jane’s legal issues gathered national headlines … and Bravo doesn’t want to miss potential devastating developments. ..

… the camera basically doesn’t stop spinning at Real House Wives in Beverly Hills this year.

Erica’s story is so good that you can’t miss it, TMZ reports and explains why season 12 shoots will start next week.

As far as we know, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Kathy Hilton, Dorit Kemsley, Garcel Bobay, Sutton Struck and Crystal Kong Minkov are all expected to return this season.

Erika Jayne, happy with herself

But Bravo isn’t pretending at this point:

All franchises are about Erika Jayne.

She filed for a divorce from Tom in November 2020, but the split was labeled “fake” by critics who believe Erica is trying to hide the assets she and Girardi bought with the money embezzled. It has been.

This will be the money they’ve spent from their families, represented by Tom’s law firm, who died in the 2018 plane crash.

Pink Erica

Seriously, the accusation is very vicious.

Erica’s company, EJ Global, is said to have received more than $ 20 million from Tom’s law firm. This money was for his customer.

But Jane has been sticking to her denial.

She repeatedly complained of innocence and repeatedly told her co-stars that she didn’t know what Tom was doing in his professional life.

Erika Jayne looks sad

Jane also said She never quits a real housewife in Beverly HillsNo matter what the people there say about her.

Why is she?

Erica believes she is being persecuted, as if … like Jesus Christ.

Yes, that Jesus Christ.

Erika Jayne cries hard

On Thursday, Jayne shared a statement from a fan who read:

“This is exactly how CHRIST died.”

Well, I’m not entirely sure if you’re drawn into social media for your luxury lifestyle. Your possible role in a demonic financial scheme is the same as being crucified on a cross.

But that’s why producers can’t get enough of Erika Jayne. She offers the best content!

Jane, yes

The above comment (posted by a superfan with username @ mattmurray47) also dumped lawyer Ronald Richards in the trash.

The user believes that Richards should be banned for “slandering” Jane’s unindicted misconduct.

“”[Richards has] In the hope of stimulating public opinion to invalidate the court, it undermined the judicial system by accusations and hints …

“This action is dangerous and reckless to our society! Everyone needs to be careful.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Producers: We Need Even More Erika Jayne! Source link The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Producers: We Need Even More Erika Jayne!

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