The NFL’s return to London emphasizes a lasting romance between the two | NFL


NSThe NFL’s return to London after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19 seems to be as timely as Tom Brady’s flea flicker.Due to the lack of Premier League matches due to international breaks, the UK’s largest sports spectator on Sunday (about 60,000 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) was the New York Jets. Atlanta Falcons..

Next weekend, when the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars arrive in town, another sold-out crowd will once again enjoy the experience of shaking pompoms, wearing a XXL jersey hoodie, and drinking light beer.

At the heart of all that, on the other hand, is the former CEO of World Rugby. NFL Britain and Europe Observer.. “In terms of planning and level of detail, this is as big as the final of the Rugby World Cup,” he says. “For most games, you may get a message of luck a day or two in advance, but it’s coming from Monday. Sunday feels like a big game-and for us a big week It’s the beginning. “

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium packed for four teams far from American football cream is a sign of a lasting love affair between the NFL and London. In fact, they are not even semi-skimmed milk. Among them, they won only three games and lost 13 games this season.

This is much like the Premier League’s sending Norwich to Burnley in New York for a week and then playing against Southampton in Newcastle. This is part of a broader trend. In the 28 regular season matches in London since 2007, there has never been a match between teams with two winning records. Nonetheless, the crowd enjoys a three-hour experience, from enthusiastic to curious.

The Atlanta Falcons are just a few favorites to beat the New York Jets, despite the poor quarterback form of Matt Ryan. Photo: Robert Deutsch / USA Today Sports

The absence of NFL regular season matches in the UK last year only boosted heart rate. “Last season, Sky’s live NFL game average viewership increased by 34%, but the February Super Bowl attracted more than 4 million viewers across the BBC and Sky. It’s been 30 years. “It was the most watched on the market,” said David Tossell, director of public relations for the NFL Europe. .. “During that time, over 20 million unique individuals saw some NFL programming in the UK last season.”

But while the NFL keeps the chain moving in the UK, Gosper is surprisingly silent when it comes to discussing the potential for a franchise in London. The days when George Osborne and Boris Johnson seemed to talk about it every fall are over. Instead, Gosper emphasizes that it is up to the owner. For him, growing the game across Europe, rather than setting a permanent flag on one country, is a more pressing concern.

There’s a good reason for that – from tax laws and time zones to the brutal logistics of transporting so many muscles and machines back across the ocean. Between them, jets and Falcons will be flying about 16,000 miles by the time they return home on Monday. It’s not a small job.

Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Trevor Lawrence (Right)
Trevor Lawrence (right), Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback. The team will face the Miami Dolphins at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium next Sunday. Photo: Joseph Maiorana / USA Today Sports

But that doesn’t mean the NFL isn’t marching. Gosper points out that the NFL has promised to return to four games from two international games in 2022. Year, “he says.

Gosper points out that the NFL plans to divide the international market into 32 franchises and provide teams with specific cities or regions. This includes commercial exclusivity such as building shops, signing sponsorships, and hosting fan camps. “Much of the growth in the coming years will come from markets other than the UK. Germany is the most obvious country-there is great potential.”

However, for now, the focus is on Sunday games. And both the Falcons and Jets struggled this season, neither of which is really very good, but the game is close and it is hoped that it could score relatively high.

Jets’ new quarterback Zach Wilson performed best of the season with the team’s 27-24 overtime win over the Tennessee Titans last Sunday, although it looked terrible for the first three weeks. With Atlanta’s defense earning the most points in the NFL in the first four games, it’s hoped that there will be plenty of opportunities to show why he was ranked second overall in the April draft.

Falcons, on the other hand, are a favorite of bookmakers’ three points. But with star receiver Calvin Ridley missing and 36-year-old quarterback Matt Ryan seeing his shadow so far this season, brave people need to be sure to predict the outcome. there is.

But no matter what happens, Jets coach Robert Saleh expects the team to perform the show and potentially attract entirely new followers. “I’m prejudiced,” he says. “I know football is considered the number one sport in the world, [American] Soccer is the best sport in terms of energy, fan base and absolute love and passion of fans, especially in the United States.

“And seeing it grow internationally, and seeing interest only goes to show that it is a universal sport. The goal is to grow this brand around the world. That’s what I think is pretty cool. “

The NFL’s return to London emphasizes a lasting romance between the two | NFL

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