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    The new law wants to change the foster parent system for the better – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

    Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-05 14:28:16 –

    Denver, Colorado — Keeping children away from their parents is a painful situation. Currently, federal law, which just came into force on October 1, wants to prevent those moments.

    The Family First Preventive Services Act aims to move children away from housing or group homes and instead keep them in foster parents or preferably in their own homes. To that end, federal dollars will be invested in home-accessible services that were previously unattainable.

    Neglect and substance abuse are the most common reasons children enter foster care, according to national data. I hope that the treatment at home will heal the family from the inside.

    “It may be due to substance use. It really strengthens the family and allows them to use more resources available while they are at home, rather than having to take the child away before you can. Maybe because of mental health issues to help. Access that money for those support services. “

    She says the new law requires children to be taken out of the house and put into group settings only when it is absolutely necessary.

    “It’s really a need to protect the safety and well-being of children, as that need isn’t just about reacting to this family’s situation,” Aledondo said. To reunify the family as soon as possible “

    In Colorado, where Aledondo works, the state has already implemented these new federal regulations over the past few years. Currently, they serve 70% of their children and families in their homes and 30% are foster parents. However, some advocates are concerned that there is not enough space for their children to go because they need more foster parents.

    Arrendondo says he didn’t necessarily see it, but anyone interested in becoming a foster parent should look for it. Resources near them..

    Hopefully, this new law means that we hope for a brighter future and get the help more families need to be together in difficult times.

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