The most disappointing car of 2021


Just as there are good surprises in the automotive industry, some are bad and some are at least disappointing. And you can be confident that in a year of driving a car, we will come across some. These are cars that didn’t live up to our expectations.

In so many ways, cars are better than ever. That doesn’t mean there are no cars that don’t hit the mark and don’t rub us the wrong way. And given the number of cars we drive, there is no doubt that we will come across a few. This is the car we tried in 2021 that we don’t care about.

2021 Lexus RCF Fuji version

News Editor Joel Stocksdale: Before moving on, I would like to note that I really enjoy it Lexus RC F.. It’s not perfect, but it looks cool and has the best V8 engine ever available. Fuji Edition is fun to drive, but it’s a terrible waste of money.Yes Carbon fiber Like the titanium exhaust, the roof, wings and hood are cool.These weight reductions also help to achieve the fastest technical acceleration. RC FSave less than 0.3 seconds when traveling up to 60 mph. The suspension is also a little stiff, break It is carbon ceramic.It’s very rare, there are only 60 2021, And 50 2022..

But the problem is that it all costs an extra $ 30,000 or more. And on the street, I don’t feel any difference from a normal RC F. To make matters worse, you’re actually missing out on the trick torque vectoring rear differentials available on regular Fs.But you can buy a lot For the money spent on limited production models, truck time, and even upgrades of regular RCF parts.

2021 jaguar xf sedan 011

2021 Jaguar XF

Associate Editor Byron Hard: The Updated XF I couldn’t even make a list of the first cars because it left a fleeting impression. Drive This year, I felt much better.I don’t know exactly what I expected XF, But that’s enough, it was more than we got. This stripped shell of the model still looks good (I like modern jug designs; sues me) and does a great job of basic luxury hauling, but how much you pay But I definitely don’t have a sense of opportunity to use it. Jaguar And display are closely related.It should feel like Cadillac From Coventry.Instead, it Buick From Birmingham. not bad. Not unpleasant. Not so interesting.

runner up: My prestigious mention of this category is 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1, This serves as proof of the combination of the two great things ( Shelby GT350 And Brit) are not always just as great. We are happy to provide a long version to Riswick.

IMG 7465IMG 74562

Ford Mustang Mach 1

Senior Editor James Liswick: Me Dubbed the latest Mustang Brit once “Flawless Mustang“Not only that, it’s one of my favorite cars all the time. Someday I’ll pay a lot of money to put it in the garage, but as Brit took, it must have been loved before. Instead, there is a new Mustang Mach 1. It effectively adopts the old Brit engine and places it on top of the Mustang tier GT, but with the obsolete Shelby GT350 gearbox. It sounds good enough to add some of its performance-oriented suspension and interior, and I’m not going to admit that the Mach 1’s busy and flashy styling has settled down and thrived as hellishly classy Brit. I knew that, but I wanted to drive it as much. No. The solid suspension caused an unpleasant drive in the city and on the highway. Brit’s Grand Touring Possibility was one of my favorite points. At the same time, the Mach 1 is still too big and is considered a true, finely tuned driver’s car. Maybe this isn’t the Mach 1 present. Regarding the discontinuation of the GT 350 and Brit, I was nevertheless very disappointed.

IMG 83821

2021 Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo

Road Test Editor Zac Palmer: It certainly feels strange to say that the most disappointing car I drove this year had Ferrari There is an engine in it, which is a disappointing truth. The 2021 Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo It’s very good in two ways: great sound and quick acceleration in a straight line. After that, things are much less exciting. Its handling seems depressing and the ride quality is neither soft nor luxurious to make up for it.The interior is cobbled with a combination of gorgeous materials and old ones. FCA Parts bin bit. For example, turn signals, window switches, headlight controls, etc. Charger.. At that $ 142,890 price, I expected much more. This car needs a job because the only buyer I could see it attractively is an avid Ferrari enthusiast.

2022 Mazda MX 30 EV 41

2022 Mazda MX-30EV

Senior Editor, Green, John Bertz Snyder: this The car showed There is a possibility, Strange and sad, Like me in my early twenties.

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The most disappointing car of 2021

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