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    The latest revelation marks the beginning of the end of Zuckerberg’s house | Carol Kadwarador

    NS A whistleblower standing in front of Congress. A global scandal involving Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is missing and a series of junior executives are spinning wildly on US television networks. So far, it’s 2018. Since there was 2018 last week: Remake. A week that began with a six-hour global outage on Facebook and ended with one of the toughest critics, American Filipino journalist Marialessa. Received the Nobel Prize.. And in the midst of that, whistleblowers got the attention of the United States.

    “What about your PTSD?” I sent a text message to Chris Wiley, a former Returning Officer of Cambridge Analytica. Three years ago he was a whistleblower and ObserverSurvey on Facebook.

    Last week it was Francis Haugen’s turn. Frances Haugen was a calm, clear and authoritative voice from within Facebook’s Citizens’ Honesty department, whose testimony had devastated the company.Not just her Convincing talk about Facebook lies and deception, Harm to teens and devastating effects on democracy, she confirmed her words with solid evidence – eight complaints to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and five attorneys Documents given to the Secretary. She will testify to the British Parliament later this month.

    If there’s one thing that proved last week, it’s nothing better than the human face telling a human story. There was much of Hogen’s testimony already known, or at least glimpsed. Every day of the last three years has brought a fresh flow of Facebook’s highly toxic story. They have just lost their ability to shock.

    This is a story of two testimonies: two testimonies that bookend the first chapter of the beginning of the end of Facebook. Because that’s the collapse of Zuckerberg’s house, which we see and play in slow motion. It won’t happen today and it won’t happen tomorrow, but last week the cracks in its foundation began to deepen the crevasse. It is coming.

    Wiley’s testimony of 2018 Run the rabbit. It caused a lot of research on the company, a research explaining why the failure is why we are here again three years later. Haugen testified about a problem that was a direct result of the rotting and corrosive internal corporate culture exposed at the time. Facebook’s executive suite was supposed to burn down three years ago. It wasn’t. The mask came off in 2018. However, authorities were unable to ask one person for clarification. And we, and our increasingly vulnerable democracy and crazy teenagers, live with the consequences.when The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has fined Facebook a record $ 5 billion (£ 3.6 billion) in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.The only result was to raise Facebook’s stock price even higher. After all, what is $ 5 billion for a $ 1 trillion worth of company?

    The SEC discovered that Facebook had made “misleading disclosures”, including lying to journalists, but allowed Facebook to settle the proceedings with a $ 100 million fine. These penalties did not harm executives. Zuckerberg was not taken a testimony. Sheryl Sandberg I was forced to explain her actions. Everyone ran away at all.

    But now Facebook is in trouble. It faces many legal and regulatory challenges while its workforce is upset, confused, weakened and bloody. The biggest obstacle at the moment is itself. One of the most striking differences between 2018 and today was how incredibly organized and supported Haugen is. Today, the entire industry exists to welcome and support whistleblowers. I’m sure more will come. What impressed me was how professionally the Senator who asked Hogen was explained and informed.

    This all happened in three years. But that’s not all. Facebook’s business model poses an existential threat, especially the FTC’s proceedings to dissolve the company. The state attorney general has a bloody scent, with many proceedings already underway. A Texas lawsuit has named Sandberg for potential market fraud.

    And perhaps the most toxic is the radioactive waste left by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. NS New shareholder proceedingsClaims that it can prove it based on a newly disclosed internal document submitted to Delaware Facebook senior executives and board members lied to investors.. If you can do that, you’ll have a series of results that make Enron look like a teddy bear’s picnic.

    3 years ago, Former Facebook whistleblower Sandy ParakilasExplained to me the power of the SEC to regulate financial markets. In America, I told me that money can do most of the things. “But one of the things you can’t do is to have sex with our capitalism,” he said.

    United Nations found Facebook Facilitated the genocide in Myanmar.. We know that it fostered a rebellion in the US Capitol.And that Original research It says it’s harming teenagers. (The 2019 Facebook presentation slide has just been released, stating that “one in three teenage girls is exacerbating body image problems.”)

    It all turned out to be okay, but if the proceedings proved to lie to investors, someone would be imprisoned. If I were a Facebook employee, I was browsing the whistleblower section of the SEC website. In this section, the exemption from prosecution is very carefully granted. (Note: You can also be protected by making these disclosures to journalists. Feel free to contact us.)

    Three years ago, it was Wiley who was involved in a fire storm. As one of the journalists who put him there, I’ve had a strange and disturbing flashback over the past week. But the most powerful recent event reminded me of the later judicial report. Maltese research journalist Daphne Kahlua kills Galicia..It explained “Culture of impunity” It allowed people at the center of government to believe that they could escape anything.

    That’s what corruption does, and Facebook has a similar culture of impunity. But the gig is up. No one is immune.not Mark Zuckerberg..

    Carol Kadwarador ObserverA 2018 Facebook survey and founder of the Real Facebook Oversight Board.

    The latest revelation marks the beginning of the end of Zuckerberg’s house | Carol Kadwarador

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