The Kremlin states that security negotiations between the United States and NATO have “failed.”


Russia’s talks between the United States and NATO in Geneva and Brussels failed to address its security dissatisfaction and questioned the prospects for western diplomatic promotion to mitigate the threat of Moscow’s military action against Ukraine. It states that it is.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the negotiations “failed” despite “positive factors” on issues that Russia did not consider central to its demands. rice field. “That’s a bad thing,” he said.

Mr Peskoff said Russia would have a “political will” to continue negotiations if the West was willing to negotiate to roll back NATO enlargement.

At this week’s meeting with the United States, Deputy Foreign Minister and chief negotiator for Russia, Sergei Ryabkov, also discussed two draft treaties outlining Russia’s dissatisfaction, with the United States and its allies considering issues such as: Ready to Arms control Forced deployment, not Russia’s main requirement.

“Without the resources and flexibility to address these serious issues, there is no reason to sit down, meet again and start the same discussion in the next few days.” Ryabkov said on television. I told the channel RTVi.

Russia has gathered about 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border in recent months, and if President Vladimir Putin’s promotion of security from the United States is unsuccessful, “the most unpredictable and significant consequences for European security. Is threatening.

At the beginning of the meeting with Russia at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Zbigniew Rau, Poland’s Foreign Minister and Chairman of the Security Agency, warned Thursday: In the last 30 years, “quotes the crisis in Ukraine.

The OSCE meeting with Moscow is the final stage of a three-part diplomatic effort involving the Kremlin to avoid Russia’s new military invasion of Ukraine after the 2014 Crimean Crisis. This follows the bilateral talks with the United States in Geneva on Monday and the NATO-Russia Summit in Brussels on Wednesday.

Russia is demanding a pledge from NATO to stop the expansion of the alliance to the east, never recognize Ukraine and Georgia, and promise to limit the deployment of troops in the former eastern nations. The request is considered unacceptable by the western capital.

EU Chief Diplomat Josep Borrell said at an informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Brest, France, Moscow achieved its goal on Wednesday’s new Russian military move at the border with Ukraine. He said it was “a part of the pressure” he used to do.

EU diplomats used the Brest Conference to “determine the position of the European Union and how to confront the crisis,” he added.

Russia has denied planning an invasion of Ukraine, but has warned of a “military technical response” in the event of a failed negotiation.

Russia’s OSCE ambassador Alexander Lukasevich said, “If there is no constructive reaction to the proposal within a reasonable time frame and aggressive action against Russia continues, it will ensure a strategic balance and is unacceptable for national security. We need to take the necessary steps to eliminate the threat. ” , According to the Twitter account of the Russian mission.

The Kremlin states that security negotiations between the United States and NATO have “failed.”

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