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    “The intensity hasn’t changed”: Jason Kander about the collapse of Afghanistan – and trying to bring out friends | Democrats

    NSAson Kander is tired. For weeks, former Missouri Secretary of State, Afghanistan A veteran and a rising star in democratic politics, he has worked to expel Afghanistan out of the country after falling into the Taliban. That means working on Afghan time, which means working at night.

    The Biden administration has about 124,000 American citizens and Afghan allies. Air freight from Kabul Before military withdrawal. But thousands were unsuccessful.

    Just as Kander, who was with the Afghan Army National Guard in 2006 and 2007, “dislikes to sound like an old intelligence officer,” he can really talk about what he is trying to do. I say I can’t.

    “It goes without saying that my commitment and the commitment of other veterans and active military personnel working together to get out of the group of people have not changed. The strength of our efforts has not changed.”

    Also, Kansas is not keen to speak like a politician in Missouri and later as a candidate for the US Senator and Mayor of Kansas City.

    Asked how he felt speech Joe Biden defended his decision to end the longest war in America. He states: But every time he went out and proactively asserted the decision made, I found the claim to be compelling. “

    Did Biden succeed in breaking the balance with the voting masses after weeks of brutal attacks from the Republicans and the press and a decline in his polls?

    “I know a lot of people are trying to understand the full impact of all this. And usually, under normal circumstances, I’ll be one of those people. I’m politically Very active.

    “But this is so close to my house that I didn’t even think about it. And honestly, I don’t care. Someday I care. But … I’m talking to a friend in Afghanistan. I’m still actively working on the case and trying to help people escape. I know there are political implications from all of these. They are important to me I don’t feel. “

    In 2016, at just 35 years old, Kander challenged Republican Roybrandt for a US Senate seat.The race has received national attention, especially through Viral advertising Kander blindfolded and assembled an assault rifle, discussing the rights of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. In the state where Donald Trump won 19th, Brandt won, but only about 3 points, because Kander outnumbered all Democrats.

    “Background”, 2016 Jason Kander campaign ad.

    Kander’s name was created as progressive to appeal to voters in the Midwest.Asked to identify the next democratic generation, Barack Obama’s star Kander first mentioned.. After confirming his interest in the 2020 presidential election, Kander visited Iowa and New Hampshire and participated in the Mayor of Kansas City election … and then withdrew.He gave Candid interview About his fight against PTSD.

    He is working together now Let people vote And that Veterans Community Project He is also the host of the podcast and co-author with his son. Children’s books, Courage …

    Kander is in demand as Afghanistan dominates the headlines. He decides to avoid speaking politically and instead offers common sense.

    “People on all sides are in a hurry to win the debate and figure out who wants to take responsibility for what they’ve seen on TV in the last few days. In the meantime, the war has been going on for 20 years. Like many wars, it was a series of impossible choices, some of which brought about really good choices, and some of which brought about bad choices in the future.

    “But with the exception of deciding whether to bypass troops and send them to Iraq 20 years ago, in each case, whether on the ground or in the White House, the choice in front of the leader is really difficult. bottom.

    “There is no doubt that our commitment should have ended a few years ago, but that does not mean that no progress has been made and that no life has been affected in a positive way. And that certainly doesn’t mean that US troops haven’t succeeded in preventing Afghanistan from becoming a place where international terrorist groups can reach out and attack other nations. I did. “

    “This is really difficult. If it were easy, there would be no war. Certainly, in the modern world, there is no war for easy choices. And unfortunately, it ends for easy choices. There is no such thing. “

    General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Said U.S. may continue to work with the Taliban to counterattack the murdered Islamic State terrorists 13 US Army And at least 170 Afghans in Kabul last month. For those who are keen on attacking Biden, this may seem like a ridiculous suggestion. For Kander, that’s common sense.

    “You can’t insist on ending the war and refuse to talk to the people who will eventually win. If you want to take your people out of the country, you can’t have both. The war is over. The Taliban dominate Afghanistan … now it’s like having relationships with other authoritarian nations with terrible human rights practices. They are not without them. “

    NSHe will give a presentation with Ravi Gupta on the podcast Kander. Majority 54, Aimed to facilitate difficult conversations at the local level. It’s named after the percentage of Americans who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 and aims to help listeners talk to those who voted. Is it possible to quantify its effects after 4 years and over 60 episodes?

    Jason Kander strokes a dog while observing a veteran community project in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo: Charlie Riedel / AP

    “… the best way to quantify whether efforts to convince Americans of a more progressive perspective are only the final election results,” Kander believes.But he also said, “I’m constantly being contacted by people who have anecdotes about how. [the podcast] Allowed them to maintain a relationship with someone they care about, or convinced someone of something and made them [Covid-19] For example, a vaccine.

    “We had a live event in that little window a few weeks ago after vaccination in front of the Delta Variant, and there were hundreds of people there, and the ones who came after that were very Many shed tears not only about statistics, issues and discussions, but also about how it makes sense for them to try to equip someone with a way to actually have these conversations. I’m trying to build a relationship with. “

    “So I enjoy it. And I enjoy its interaction with the audience. And it’s interesting … Sometimes the show is what Ravi and I want to talk about. About Afghanistan in the last few weeks. There were a lot of things, because I had to talk, and this week I recorded a week earlier, so there’s nothing. “

    Of course, Afghanistan dominates our own conversation.

    “When asked to speak publicly, I recognize that my best role is to talk to Afghan veterans who think they feel the same as they do. And I have incredible luck that treatments are available at [Department of Veterans Affairs] This gives me a tool that makes it a little easier to navigate the emotional experience of the last few weeks. And sometimes I feel my role is to try to share those tools. “

    On the other hand, “When I was told to go to TV, my only purpose was to humanize the Afghans. That is, you were there, doing a job like me, and spending a lot of time. If you build relationships with people, you do not distinguish them from Americans.

    “I can understand that Afghanistan is no longer in our strategic interests, and if the president attacks us from Syria, we will never invade Afghanistan. I can understand that when he said it would have been, I said the great thing. It’s 100% correct.

    “But I have friends in Afghanistan, so I sometimes feel that my role is to point out that there are really great people out there, just like people all over the world.”

    So Kander returns to his own rescue mission, phone and email.

    “The intensity hasn’t changed”: Jason Kander about the collapse of Afghanistan – and trying to bring out friends | Democrats

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