The government wants pension funds to help level up


EVEN BY THE Standards of OECDBritain, which is mostly a rich country club, has quite a few nests. In 2020, the organization’s pension report evaluated the country’s pot at $ 3.6 trillion, second only to the United States, among its 37 members. A significant portion of it is set aside for workers who will not retire for decades, hoping it will grow by the time they retire. So how do you need to invest in the meantime?

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In recent years, regulation has focused on keeping costs down. In 2016, the government introduced a cap, wary of fund managers spending a lot of money on workers’ retirement savings. Workplace pensions were limited to investing in funds with annual membership fees of 0.75% or less.

It looks like it will change. In August, the Prime Minister and Finance Minister wrote to encourage pensioners to launch an “investment big bang,” spying on the opportunity to turn pension assets back into the government’s “upgrading” ambitions. By investing in unlisted UK assets, such as green infrastructure and early-stage innovative companies, trustees will be able to save money. England Ingenuity and business, “ensure better returns and at the same time support the UK’s success story.

In reality, this means that pension schemes invest in venture capital and infrastructure funds rather than in listed stocks and bonds. Disability is the upper limit of the charge. Such funds tend to charge more than 0.75% annually, and when returns exceed the “hurdle” rate, some of the profits are generated. As a result, Treasury officials are reportedly considering ways to loosen the cap.

Certainly there is more room for investment. Government-funded report by the British Business Bank (BBBWe found that less than one-fifth of UK venture capital funding from 2010 to 2019 came from pension funds. It is compared to over 70% of America.Many of the funding gaps are in the European Investment Fund BBB..

Workers saving for retirement, on the other hand, are missing out on asset classes that generate higher returns. The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, an industry group, believes that member-managed funds have returned an average of 14% annually over the decade to 2019. this is, FTSE All-stock index of UK-listed stocks. However, two-thirds of the most common type of workplace pension, the Defined Contribution Plan, does not invest in such assets at all.

That said, raising the fee cap is unlikely to boost investment in pension funds, warns consultant PwC’s Raj Mody. The workers most likely to benefit from high-risk, high-growth investments such as venture capital are those farthest from retirement. Such savers also tend to have the smallest pots. Also, raising the cap alone does not solve the problem of performance fees for unlisted funds. This is volatile and can be return dependent. “This is a step in the process, not a solution,” says Mody.

Part of the reason the American pension system can invest in large venture capital is its size. The total assets of the five largest funds are $ 1.8 trillion. It gives them the leverage to negotiate rates and makes it economical to hire a team of experts. The UK’s closest to this size is the £ 276 billion ($ 382 billion) pension assets of the municipal pension scheme, which is divided into 90 individual funds. The Big Bang may require more concentration of Treasury firepower. ■■

This article was published in the UK section of the printed version under the heading “Uncap”.

The government wants pension funds to help level up

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