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Last week we talked about company sunglasses that many people don’t like very much. This week we’ll talk about 1 / 600th the size of Apple and its companies facing similar product issues.

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Big thing

Going deep into the tech industry makes it harder for consumers to see things. After watching Apple’s event for six years as a TechCrunch reporter, I felt more and more like that, but sometimes Meme Helps you find the truth about the consumer you’re looking for from a random Twitter account.

As the ridiculous little tweet shows, Apple is rushing into a future where it’s a little harder to distinguish between the new and the old. Since the radical redesign of the iPhone X in 2017, the iPhone has seen tweaks and new size variations, and there is no more off-year “S” period. Apple has extended the intervals between major upgrades across its product line, and it’s also taking time to deploy those changes.

Apple debuted its current Bezellight iPad Pro design in late 2018, but it took three years for the design to reach the iPad mini while the entry-level iPad was still waiting. The transition from the M1 Mac will probably take years, as the company has already detailed. Most of Apple’s major updates rely on the chipset upgrades they build, which makes them look and feel more and more like consumer chipset companies.

This isn’t a new trend, it’s a new take, and it’s been written many times, but it’s especially interesting because it’s increasing the number of employees dedicated to future efforts such as augmented reality. iPhone.

This is an evolution that pushes them into a design area similar to GoPro, the darling of action cameras, and has repeatedly struggled to get core advocates to upgrade their hardware frequently. These are laughingly different scales, Apple is currently worth about $ 2.41 trillion, and GoPro is still fighting for a market capitalization of $ 1.5 billion. The situation is clearly different, but both face similar end-of-life innovation questions for the categories they have mastered.

This week, GoPro debuted the HERO 10 Black camera. This seems to push a larger audience to the subscription service, resulting in a higher frame rate and better performance processor. Are you familiar with it? This week, Apple debuted its new flagship iPhone 13 Pro. It has a faster processor and a better frame rate (but here for the display, not the camera). We also spent a considerable amount of time encouraging users to adopt a new service ecosystem.

Apple’s devices are getting so good that they’re starting to reach a plateau of important features. The company is still able to unleash devices and grow its audience to billions, while significantly increasing average revenue per user. Obviously well for the most valuable companies on the planet, inventory has almost quadrupled since the launch of the iPhone X, but the consumer iPhone experience is fairly consistent. I feel it. That’s obviously not a bad thing, but it’s boring because there’s no better term.

The obvious difference from the other 2.4 trillion people is that the GoPro doesn’t seem to have a clear vertical escape route for action cameras.

But augmented reality, even if the technology is clearly not ready for consumers and forced to lead with what is rumored to be a multi-thousand dollar AR / VR headset. There are many restrictions that have pushed thousands of employees towards an escape route. One of the questions I’m most interested in is what the category of iPhone devices will look like after a cumbersome successor has a headache. AR-centric devices are shipped as very expensive iPhone accessories and may offer access to new, more exciting experiences while piggybacking on accessibility in the mobile category. In short, AR is the future of the iPhone until AR no longer needs it.

Screen Shot 2021 06 11 at 3.04.45 pm

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Here’s a TechCrunch news article that caught my eye especially this week:

Everything Apple announced this week
Was this the most exciting event Apple has ever experienced? no. Are you still going to click on that link to read about their new ones? Yes.

GoPro Launches HERO 10 Black
I have a very weak point in GoPro. It took a niche corner of the hardware and created a very good device and ecosystem. As mentioned earlier, the company has some issues with making important updates each year, but this year it has made a significant upgrade with a second generation customer processor and overall performance improvements.

Tesla unveils FSD beta to drivers with good driving experience
Elon Musk is pushing to extend its “fully self-driving” software to more Tesla drivers, allowing users who have paid for the FSD system to apply for beta, analyzed by the company’s insurance calculator bot. It states that it will be done. After 7 days of good driving behavior, Musk says the user will be approved.

OpenSea executives resign after “insider trading” scandal
NFT is a curious business. Huge amounts of money are pulsing in these markets and there are few oversights. This week, the so-called “eBay of NFTs,” OpenSea detailed that its vice president of products was trading insider information. He was later forced to resign.

Apple and Google bow to the Kremlin
Apple and Google are trying to keep governments happy in almost every market they operate in. It leads to some unpleasant situations in markets like Russia. There, both tech giants were forced by the Kremlin to remove political apps from the country’s major opposition.

Gitlab logo

Image credit: Gitlab

Extra stuff

Some of my favorite readings from this week’s ExtraCrunch subscription service:

What can stop the startup boom?
I’ve seen record results from … City, Country When area.. With so much money sloshing around the world of venture capital and startups, it’s hard to remember what they were like in a sparser era. We’ve been in the bull market for tech start-ups for a long time, so it feels like the only possible situation. it’s not…”

The value of software revenue may have finally stopped rising
“… I’ve been refraining from covering the revenue value of software (SaaS, mostly) for months after spending a little too much time on it. In the previous quarter — It’s time for a break when VCs start pointing out that they can swap numbers quarterly to write the same post. But the value of software revenue is simply incredible, and you can’t say “no” to the charts …“”

Inside GitLab IPO Filing
“… Therefore, the company’s IPO has long been expected. At the last primary transaction, GitLab Raised $ 286 Million With a post-money valuation of $ 2.75 billion per person PitchbBook data..The same source is from GitLab Executed a secondary transaction Worth $ 195 million earlier this year, giving the company a $ 6 billion valuation … “

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