Monday, October 18, 2021

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    The flaws behind Biden’s open-all-hours ports strategy

    Big overnight supply chain news from the US with Joe Biden say it The Port of Los Angeles operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the festival.

    The Los Angeles and Long Beach port facilities (announced 24 hours a week ago) are the busiest in the United States, but I don’t think they’re open all day. .. Let me tell you why.

    For starters, the port is working Exceed full capacity For months Staff who work much more time Than they usually do. Theoretically, staying open at night or on weekends could increase capacity and become Biden’s belief in “game changers.” But that’s only true if the rest of the supply chain is throating. it’s not. There are snuffs everywhere.Sailors have been Grounding For several months after the contract ends. There is also a shortage of truck drivers and railroad workers needed to carry cargo further inland from the coast. And even if it doesn’t, it’s not clear if the importer has more space to store the goods.

    Biden seems to believe that these issues can also be addressed by other parts of the US supply chain that work at night. But if the staff is already stretched, how can I do that? And what if the warehouse is full?

    There are also global factors. Most of the container ships lined up waiting to enter the Port of Los Angeles are moving from China across the Pacific Ocean. And what do you guess? There is also a delay in entering the port there. As of October 7, about 386 vessels were moored off Shanghai and Ningbo, of which 228 were cargo ships and 45 were container vessels, according to project44, a data company specializing in supply chain data.

    As a result, lead times (that is, total travel time from China to the west coast of the United States) have increased by more than 50% before the pandemic.

    These delays on both sides of the Pacific mean that empty containers are still piled up in ports like Los Angeles and not where they are needed. In other words, Asia.

    Over time, the container can be returned to the appropriate location. Logistics companies can attract more workers on better terms and shipping companies can order more ships. However, it is not possible to train workers, build ships, or transport containers across the sea overnight. They are not Amazon deliveries.

    After all, the convenience of this kind of near-instant delivery that we’re used to is the cause of the problem.

    The fact that so many venues have been closed in the last 18 months means that we spend much less on services (mainly local) and much more disposable income on durable goods. It means that you have spent. Most of the kettlebells and game consoles we order online arrive at us after traveling from Asia on a container ship. Not surprisingly, world trade is booming.

    Many of us (many of us, not stevedores, sailors, truck drivers) are still sitting at home waiting for today’s parcels to arrive. I came a few hours ago. But few people understand how our actions contribute to the daily flow of news that we can’t get the goods here right now.

    Looking at the empty shelves, we rampast our system as a Soviet. In fact, as the family pointed out to us over the weekend, it was a lean, just-in-time, hyper-globalized capitalist model that led us here. Despite the pandemic, when we saw a shortage of what they were before asking those who helped realize this export boom to do more than they had already done. Came.

    The flaws behind Biden’s open-all-hours ports strategy Source link The flaws behind Biden’s open-all-hours ports strategy

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