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    The FBI’s response to Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse is terrible, but unfortunately not surprising.Moiradnegan

    WFormer Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney told the Federal Research Agency when she was in Tokyo for a competition, she was abused by former sports medicine doctor and prolific child sexual abuser Larry Nassar. I was afraid that I might not be able to bear it. “I thought I would die that night because he had no way to let me go,” Maloney reiterated. Senate hearing on Wednesday. Maloney was still a teenager when she interviewed the FBI. She had not yet told her mother about the extent of Nasar’s sexual abuse. However, the agent she spoke to on the phone from the FBI’s Indianapolis field office did not appear to be particularly impressed. “That’s it?” She remembers what he asked.

    Ultimately, the FBI will rarely investigate Maloney’s accusations, he said. Biting report Published by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice this summer. Allegations against Nassar were initially largely abandoned, delaying meaningful investigations by several months. Of the three gymnasts who first appeared at the FBI in 2015, only Maloney was interviewed. Her conversation with the FBI agent was not well documented for 17 months. At that time, the agent who wrote the report misrepresented what she said to him. The FBI did not refer the complaint to state and local governments as it is required in such cases.And one of the agents assigned to the case, W Jay Abbott I want to get a job With US Gymnastics or the US Olympic Committee. According to the report, when an insider later asked Abbott about his work questions, he lied about them.

    The FBI did not track Nasser until the fall of 2016. 37,000 child abuse images..Nasser sexually abused between the time the woman first complained to the FBI and the time the FBI took action. About 70 women and girls..

    US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney testified in the Senate at a hearing Wednesday. Photo: Rex / Shutterstock

    The FBI’s handling of the Nasar case reflects the surprising failure of agents to empathize and the waiver of ruthless obligations in the ongoing threat to public security raised by Nasar.Gymnastics and victims of Nasar Simone BilesMaggie Nichols and Aly Raisman, along with Maloney, told the Senate Wednesday that the authorities’ negligence was procedural and moral. The FBI disregarded their experience, delayed the investigation, and failed to collect evidence of Nasar’s crimes, causing a second additional harm to Nasar’s victims. they.

    As Maloney put in Her testimony, “What is the point of reporting abuse if our own FBI agents intend to undertake it themselves to fill the withdrawal?”

    The FBI’s failures are terrible, but they are not unique. Sadly, the handling of the Nasar case symbolizes a broader and systematic failure by law enforcement agencies to properly investigate sexual violence and treat it with worthy seriousness and rigorous investigation.woman Nationwide Those who reported sexual violence said police and prosecutors responded with contempt and neglect, and that sexual crimes were not investigated as thoroughly as other types of violence.

    is Well documented Reports of that sexual violence are less arrested and convicted of crimes than other types of crimes. However, it is not well understood that police could not even investigate sexual violence. The failure that the victim says is Indifference To the particular form of harm they suffered.Evidence is ignored or destroyed, witnesses are not interviewed, sexual violence cases Misclassification As less crime, and the case is closed soon, often No meaningful inquiries What happened.

    Rape kits are a collection of DNA collected from victims of sexual violence, long, invasive, and sometimes retraumatic health examinations that often remain untested, leading to a national backlog. .. Hundreds of thousands Of unexamined evidence kit.Sometimes police stations and testing facilities Destroy those kits Before the statute of limitations – not only ignores the evidence contained in the kit, but also actively denies the victim the opportunity to file a firm proceeding in court.

    In other cases, evidence is collected but ignored.That’s what happened Emily Volchart, A student at the University of Texas kidnapped by rideshare. A fellow passenger choked her unconsciously, and then he and the driver took her to the motel and beat her. After she fled, a man who identified her as one of the attackers told police that she had never met her. Later, his DNA was found in her rape kit, proving that he was lying. But the police did not arrest him.

    From left, US Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Maggie Nichols arrive to testify at a Senate judicial hearing.
    From left, US Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Maggie Nichols arrive to testify at a Senate judicial hearing. Photo: Sole Robe / AFP / Getty Images

    In yet another case, police are more accused than the victim’s account, even if the woman is lying or has little reason to believe that her alleged attacker is telling the truth. Postpone your account. That’s what happened to another student at the University of Texas. Shout for help Recorded during her rape. But when a stranger, her attacker, told police that the gender agreement had been reached, they withdrew the case.

    Police credibility with the suspect seems to be part of what helped Nasar avoid justice and continue to attack women and girls. After all, the FBI wasn’t the only one who couldn’t properly investigate Nasar.He was also reported to the local police At least twice, Once in 2004, Once in 2014. In these cases, Nasser claimed that the assault on the victim was a medically legitimate “pelvic floor therapy” and created a PowerPoint presentation to support this claim. Practitioners could have easily blamed the police for this fraudulent explanation, but local police did not ask them.

    The systematic failure of law enforcement agencies to investigate sexual abuse betrays the implicit beliefs that underpin many of our cultural and institutional responses to these cases. The fight of feminists not only needs to convince institutions that sexual violence will occur, but it also needs to be important.

    At the Senate hearing FBI Director Chris Ray praised the courage of the whistleblowers, but did not promise to fulfill the accountability they demanded. He argued that the FBI’s actions in the case did not indicate the character of the institution, but the mistakes of the individual. Evidence suggests that this is not the case. The FBI’s handling of the Nasar case seems more than just a mistake, it seems to be an indication of the authorities’ priorities.

    The FBI’s response to Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse is terrible, but unfortunately not surprising.Moiradnegan

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