The FBI raid on Trump’s residence takes the United States into uncharted territory.donald trump


The news, which rocked the nation, broke at 6:36 pm on Monday. Florida Political Website He tweeted that the FBI had raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, adding a pinch of self-deprecation, saying, “TBH, I’m not a powerful reporter to hunt this down, but it’s true.

Eighteen minutes later, another Florida resident reacted to the news with even more bombast. It’s a dark time for FBI agent,” the former president said in an angry statement.

More than 30 FBI agents armed with search warrants issued by a West Palm Beach federal magistrate are reported to have broken into Trump’s private residence and his Mar-a-Lago club offices.according to NBC Newsthey remained on the scene all day.

Despite Trump’s cries of “siege” and “occupy”, the FBI didn’t smash down ugly doors or set fire to big flashbangs as they have become legends in other situations. The search team had forewarned the Secret Her Service agents who guard the premises and ensured an orderly execution of the warrant.

When the operation began, the FBI called the former president’s son, Eric Trump. he gave Sean Hannity It was he who broke the news to his father on Fox News Monday night. preparation for disposal In a civil lawsuit filed by the state of New York concerning his company’s financial bookkeeping.

Eric Trump has described the search for Hannity in terms as ridiculous as those his father deployed. “They started vandalizing the office, they started vandalizing the closet,” he said. “They broke into the safe! He didn’t have anything in the safe.”

To assess the accuracy of Eric Trump’s account, more details need to be revealed. It also gathers a complete picture of the reasons behind the FBI’s actions and whether it meets the very high standards necessary to justify such a raid on the residence of the first ex-president in US history. It takes time to figure out what’s going on.

Within hours of the news erupting, Trump, his family and entourage, and numerous top Republican leaders across the country, had formed a “weaponized government” seeking to block the Biden administration and Trump’s bid for another presidency. They began attacking what they called the “Department of Justice.” Year 2024. prominent conservative He likened the search to the actions of a petty dictator.

Just 18 months after the violent riots at the US Capitol following Trump’s allegations of a stolen 2020 election, major allegations the Justice Department is using its formidable powers to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. Rampant allegations by racist Republicans can also become inflammatory. Crowd of angry Trump supporters Gathered outside the Palm Beach Club to get a taste of what’s to come.

Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-Arago in Palm Beach, Florida. Photo: Giorgio Viera/AFP/Getty Images

The search warrant given to the FBI relates to official records and an ongoing investigation into whether Trump violated the Presidential Records Act. The provision requires the White House to store all paperwork and digital output resulting from official business and transmit it to the National Archives for safekeeping.

The fact that the FBI asked for a search warrant, not a subpoena, meant that the FBI did not trust Trump to turn over or keep public documents in his possession.

It’s been known for some time that Trump has a troubled relationship with public documents. Dating back to June 2018 Politico reported White House staff were forced to sift through “big piles of shredded paper” and tape them up methodically.

By a strange coincidence, hours before the raid began Photo published by Axios A photo obtained by The New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman appears to show a White House toilet clogged with handwritten paper clumps.

The FBI’s document destruction itself dates back to January, when it was revealed that Trump returned 15 boxes of documents, gifts and letters to the National Archives after protests. The following month, David Ferriero, head of the archives, told Congress that the box contained “classified national security information” and that his staff “had been in contact with the Department of Justice” as a result. Told.

Former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappa. It pointed out In a place as busy as Mar-a-Lago and popular with international visitors, the presence of unprotected classified documents would pose an “ongoing national security threat.” may help explain the Justice Department’s willingness to take such a dramatic and unprecedented step.

of miami herald An FBI search warrant showed that “dozens of boxes” of classified materials were still believed to be stored at Trump’s Palm Beach residence, in addition to the 15 already returned, it reported. . according to on CNNthe extra box was identified when Justice Department investigators traveled to Mar-a-Lago in June to meet with two of Trump’s attorneys to discuss potentially classified material.

It's been known for some time that Trump has a troubled relationship with public documents.
It’s been known for some time that Trump has a troubled relationship with public documents. Photo: Oliver Contreras/EPA

At the start of the meeting, Trump visited and spoke with investigators but did not answer questions. His lawyer then took Justice Department officials to the basement where the box of documents was kept. A source told CNN that some of the documents were stamped “top secret.”

At the heart of the ongoing investigation into the box removed from Mar-a-Lago are the questions the Justice Department needs to answer before it can begin formal indictment – Trump intentionally keeping official records Did you break the law?

During the 2016 presidential election, Trump blamed Hillary Clinton on her face 33,000 mails of “pickling” or “bleaching”. He threatened the Department of Justice to appoint a special counsel to investigate the matter. Lock her up! ”

Ultimately, the Justice Department decided not to indict Clinton because it found no evidence of her intent. Similar calculations may become important as the investigation progresses – under federal law Anyone who moves classified information to an unauthorized location will be fined or imprisoned for up to five years, but only if proven to have done so “intentionally” and “willfully.” .

The FBI raid on Trump’s residence takes the United States into uncharted territory.donald trump

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