The Elite’s New Membership Card? (Crypto Journey #12)


Ever wanted to see what’s behind the velvet rope? Well, you had to be on some important lists, but now NFTs could be tickets to the event.

If you’ve ever wanted to see behind a velvet curtain … now’s your chance! But you don’t have to be on the list to get involved. In modern times, NFTs have the potential to become tickets to the elite world.

Like many people in the world, I wear different hats depending on what time of day.

From Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, I am the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Money & Markets, one of the top financial newsletters on the internet.

And I love my job.

However, he wears different hats from 7 am to 8 am and from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on weekdays and works as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts instructor.

And I love my sport.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ for us in sports) is one of the coolest but weirdest environments I’ve ever been involved with.

During the match, criminals may share Matt with law enforcement agencies, construction workers may share Matt with strong lawyers, and bartenders may share Matt with doctors.

The BJJ people are a truly eclectic collection of all disciplines, but because we are all equal on the mat, we can all rub their elbows against each other.

Young turkey showing the way

That’s why my group of students is made up of young hungry entrepreneurs who are doing things that they couldn’t imagine 25 years ago at the age of 24.

Some of these kids are already millionaires and it’s hard to envy them for being so young and very fast and successful.

Fortunately, my ego isn’t that big, so I’m asking these young Turks what they’re cooking to make the next million dollars.

One of my students (called him Alain) de facto A lot of leaders, he came to see me more than just a BJJ instructor. Alain really values ​​my opinion in the field of business, as my experience in both the establishment and operation of a successful publisher has some influence on me.

We were talking about Art Basel, an annual art event in Miami, Florida this morning.

Who in the art world is coming down to Miami Beach every year for this stellar star-studded event. Want There (to be someone).

Now, Alain and his crew are heading for this year, and this morning we discussed that this year’s event would be more than just painting and sculpture.

Surprisingly, in the art world, NFT seems to be the central stage.

How involved are these blockchain lovers in the event?

The renowned art auction house Christie’s will be hosting an invite-only exhibition in a private location in Miami. This exhibition is a partnership between NFT Now and OpenSea, two players of non-fungible token games.

NFT: Big … and attractive

The “Gateway Exhibition” will introduce a network of labyrinth-like rooms depicting the works of 34 NFT artists. The list of names (most never heard of) includes some of NFT’s world’s largest names, including Andrew Oshea, Ash Thorp, Chad Knight, and Sarah Zucker.

Why is it so big?

Now, recently, NFT artist Beeple Crap (not kidding) has sold two of his NFT works for over $ 25 million each, one for a whopping $ 69 million.

Can you believe it?

But while the focus is on selling expensive digital art, there’s something else about the event that I just find fascinating.

You see, Art Basel Week is famous for being rich, and Notorious Everyone will participate. This is nothing new.

But what teeth What’s new is the fact that in order to join some of these elite parties, you need to show proof that you own an NFT at the door.


NFTs are now the new “necessities” of the elite. NFTs are so highly regarded that we don’t have parties with people who don’t have NFTs.

To me, it’s fascinating and shows how knowledgeable people are investing in this new technology.

This whole conversation was completely eye-opening to me and showed me that I had made the right decision to get to know as much as possible about blockchain.

If this is the direction the world is moving … I want to be a pioneer rather than a rear side.

“I think exclusivity is important in life. Looking at Jordan’s hot pairs, not everyone has them-it’s a limited practice. You look at the guitar. When Gibson made a robot guitar, it was a limited practice. ” – RZA

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