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    The Clayton Crescent made headlines for its 2020 election coverage. Without funding, it’s days away from shutting down. – Atlanta, Georgia

    Atlanta, Georgia 2021-11-20 12:23:54 –

    A series of supporters await outside the campaign event for future senators Raphael Warnock and John Osov in Jonesboro last November. Clayton County gained international attention when votes turned blue in the 2020 elections, with Robin Kemp’s live coverage of Clayton’s votes and thousands of her non-profit news, Clayton Crescent. Helped to collect. A year later, Crescent is on the verge of closure due to lack of funds.

    Photos by Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images

    when Robin Kemp Losing her job in a local newspaper in Clayton County early in the Covid-19 pandemic, she did what many dismissed journalists did: she continued to write.

    “As soon as I hang up with my boss, she says about that day in April 2020.” I went to my home office and found a website template. I kept doing what I was always doing. ” That one woman’s show is finally Clayton Crescent.. Non-profit news outlets are one of the region’s only sources of professional local news coverage (and certainly the smallest), and Kemp has seen a surge in county absentee votes after the 2020 presidential election. Attracted international attention by reporting on.

    Unfortunately, the same factors that eradicated local media across the country and sacrificed newspaper work to Kemp proved even more deadly for new news sites like Kemp. After only one and a half years of operation Clayton Crescent It has reached the edge of the abyss. If there is no additional funding, it will be closed by the end of the month.

    When Kemp started posting articles on a new website in the spring of 2020, she lived unemployed and was paying from her pocket. Money wasn’t a problem. “I just wanted to cover what I believed was really essential.” Kemp, in a desert of news like Clayton County,Terminology used Larger regional and national costumes are often displayed only to cover the most sensational stories usually associated with crime, to account for areas where local news coverage is substantially lacking. I have. “I understand because everyone has limited resources,” Kemp said. “But in Clayton County, there’s a lot going on that isn’t reflected in the press.”

    Robin Kemp Clayton Crescent
    Robin Kemp sent a handwritten note by the producer of 60 Minutes, following coverage of the 2020 presidential election and the Clayton Crescent Award. Mercer University Joint Journalism Center..

    Photo courtesy of Robin Kemp

    Timing Clayton CrescentWith the launch of, her news site quickly became indispensable. During the early and ferocious period of the pandemic, Kemp told nearly 300,000 residents of the county important information about local infection rates, virus hotspots, and city council decisions made in closed rooms while meetings were closed. Provided. in general. But what made Kemp famous overnight was her coverage for the days following the 2020 presidential election. NS NS Washington post report, She was the only journalist who continued to monitor while Clayton’s electoral workers were counting all absentee votes.

    Its Service to Democracy — The Event Later Kemp Share in this magazine-brought Clayton Crescent Thousands of dollars with a small donation: Someone (she says she doesn’t know who she is) unearthed a dormant GoFundMe page when live tweets of Kemp’s votes were talked about. One of Kemp forgot what she made. The account was shared across the web, facilitating ad hoc fundraising while Kemp took hours to monitor absentee ballots. The next morning, when the arriving camera crew began to rib her to check her GoFundMe, she had no idea what had happened.

    Its seed funding and post-election coverage helped Kemp continue to run her silly news site for the rest of the year. She was incorporated as a non-profit organization, joined the board of directors, and continued to operate through personal donations and reader subscription fees. A generous stranger on the West Coast donated a new Macbook. Kemp procured used furniture for a small office from Pat & Jerry’s, a mom and pop salvage store in Jonesboro. Richard Griffiths, a veteran journalist and director of the board of directors of the organization, a Kemp-era colleague at CNN, helped hustle everything from new donors to membership. Nonprofit News Institute, An organization that supports small independent media outlets. He even built her office desk in his wood shop.

    With that support, Kemp has attended government meetings for the past few months, filed requests for public records, and plagued local politicians, business owners, and county officials, generally in the name of public accountability. I’ve been. “Even if it makes some people unhappy, we do the job of telling the truth,” says Kemp.

    Still, even with minimal overhead (almost all articles on the website were written by Kemp and there are occasional articles licensed from Atlanta’s Capitol Beat News service), the bill is piled up. At bookkeeping, record request, web development, and other costs, Clayton CrescentThe operating budget for is a minimum of $ 6,000 per month. This is only part of the budget of other news sites, and even small ones, operating in low-income areas, make it difficult to generate enough paid subscribers. The news site’s board of directors resolved this week to shut down on November 30th, as funding is dangerously low.

    “We need 250 people to believe in this project and subscribe for $ 20 a month,” Kemp explains. (( Crescent MoonThe subscription option is currently turned off in case the news outlet goes dark. Donation Until the end of November, the Institute for Nonprofit News will double the amount. With a slight increase in budget, Kemp can invite journalism internships, pay freelancers, and even hire web developers to increase the online presence of news sites. The money is Clayton Crescent To do an important job in the free press: “The problem is finding a little money to maintain accountability,” says Kemp.

    Kemp Clayton Crescent, But she is optimistic about the possibility of the closure. She has been working in the news media for years and knows how difficult landscapes are for independent media. research Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel of Journalism have discovered that since 1995, 300 American newspapers have been closed and 6,000 journalists have lost their jobs. The pandemic closed or integrated 30 more newspapers and lost thousands of journalistic jobs.Recently, newspapers and media are on the verge of closure. Often acquired by a companyReorganized for maximum profitability, often leading to mass dismissals. And the UNC report is Clayton Crescent Once foretold as an answer to the collapse of local new media, as many media outlets as they opened after 2019 have been closed.

    whether Clayton Crescent Kemp has survived since December and is proud of what the news site has done. “I think we made a huge difference here civilally.”

    “Where I go,” she adds. I need you ‘”

    NS Clayton Crescent Is part of a funding matching program by the Institute for Nonprofit News. Donations made by November 30th will be doubled by the institute’s donors. You can make a donation here..

    Donors interested in large donations can send an email to Kemp. kempwrites@gmail.com..

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    The Clayton Crescent made headlines for its 2020 election coverage. Without funding, it’s days away from shutting down. Source link The Clayton Crescent made headlines for its 2020 election coverage. Without funding, it’s days away from shutting down.

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