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    The CDC will meet with boosters just hours after the FDA approves its use for the elderly and high-risk individuals as Africa blames Britain’s travel rules.

    A team of advisors from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention will conclude a two-day meeting on booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, just hours after the Food and Drug Administration approves its use in seniors and higher education institutions. .. Risk of severe illness.

    FDA-approved booster dose of vaccine developed by Pfizer
    + 1.10%

    And German partner BioNTech
    + 4.55%

    For Americans under the age of 65 with underlying health and those with high-risk work for COVID-19 The Associated Press reported.

    The ruling is a significant reduction in the Biden administration’s drastic plans, with a third dose to nearly all American adults to enhance protection amid the prevalence of highly contagious delta variants. Thing.

    The CDC makes its own recommendations on who needs to get additional shots and on which timeline to take them. On the first day of the discussion, some experts were very confused by the questions surrounding Booster’s rationale and suggested that the decision be postponed for a month in the hope of more evidence.

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    Uncertainty further reminded us that the science surrounding boosters is more complex than the Biden administration suggested when the president and his top aides announced their plans at the White House last month.

    Watch now: Scientists continue to say that there is not enough evidence to make the COVID-19 booster available to all Americans.

    The United States currently records an average of 2,075 COVID deaths per day. According to the New York Times tracker The highest daily toll since late February. Hospitalizations averaged 91,189 per day and new cases averaged 130,592 per day, the last of which was seen in winter. Most new cases, hospitalizations and deaths are in unvaccinated people.

    Trackers show that Alaska has replaced West Virginia as the state with the highest number of new cases measured on a per capita basis. In Alaska, there are an average of 117 new cases per 100,000 people per day, the highest level in the country. Alaska vaccinates 50% of its population, below the national average of 54.9%. According to the CDC tracker.

    Watch now: Alaska joins Idaho in health care rations because the hospital is full of COVID patients, and WHO says Africa is left behind with a vaccine push

    On Wednesday, the state launched “Crisis Standard Treatment.” This is a move that allows hospitals to provide ration care, and some patients may receive substandard treatment. Hospitals are overwhelmed and healthcare workers are exhausted, forcing patients in the emergency room to wait hours in the car. Times reported, Quoted from Jared Kosin, Head of Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association.

    Elsewhere, the director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expressed disappointment with the British government’s pandemic travel ban. It only allows vaccines given in some countries. As reported by AFP.

    The restriction does not recognize locally administered vaccines in the African Union, even if some of these shots are from the United Kingdom.

    “Sending us vaccines and saying,’We are not aware of those vaccines’, it sends us a very challenging message,” said John, Head of the Africa Center.・ Nukengason said.

    Africa faces challenges from supply shortages and vaccine hesitation, “a message that causes turmoil in our population and makes people more modest and reluctant to vaccinate,” he said. Said at a weekly press conference. Beginning October 4, travelers from countries currently on the UK’s Red List will be required to quarantine at government-approved hotels, even if they have been vaccinated.

    Watch now: The WHO warns that a shortage of COVID-19 vaccine in Africa could make Africa a breeding ground for new variants and “send the whole world back to Square-1.”

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the country should aim for a 90% immunization rate to end the regulation. Reuters reported. New Zealand eliminated COVID-19 last year and was largely virus-free until the delta variant broke out in August and a national blockade took place.

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    Russia reported 820 COVID deaths on Thursday 1st, consistent with the record set on August 26th. Reuters reported individually. According to officials, Moscow has recorded 3,445 new infections in the last 24 hours, the most reported in a day since July 31, after a surge in the summer. They said 21,438 cases were recorded nationwide.

    The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee announced Thursday that US Olympic athletes scheduled to attend the Winter Olympics in Beijing next February will need to be vaccinated. The Guardian reported. Athletes who wish to access the USOPC training center and facilities must be vaccinated by November 1.

    Recent studies have shown that the Covid-19 vaccine is less effective, but experts say the shots are still working well. The WSJ explains what the numbers mean and why they aren’t talking completely. Photo Illustration: Jacob Reynolds / WSJ

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    Latest tabulation

    Globally, the total number of coronavirus-borne diseases exceeded 230 million on Thursday, but the death toll increased to 4.72 million. Data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University.. The United States continues to lead the world with a total of 42.5 million cases and 681,199 deaths.

    India is second only to the United States in 33.6 million people, with 446,050 deaths. Brazil has the second highest number of deaths, with 592,316 and 21.3 million.

    In Europe, Russia has the highest death toll at 197,834, followed by the United Kingdom at 135,961.

    China, The virus was first discovered in late 2019, According to official numbers, there are 108,080 confirmed cases and 4,809 deaths, which are widely believed to be significantly underreported.

    The CDC will meet with boosters just hours after the FDA approves its use for the elderly and high-risk individuals as Africa blames Britain’s travel rules.

    Source link The CDC will meet with boosters just hours after the FDA approves its use for the elderly and high-risk individuals as Africa blames Britain’s travel rules.

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