The CDC will meet to discuss which patient groups should get the Moderna and J & J COVID-19 vaccine boosters, and Pfizer will report positive results in the booster trial.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gathered to discuss a group of patients targeted for the booster developed by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, which was flooded with positive news about vaccine boosters on Thursday.

The conference marks a major step towards expanding the booster campaign, which began with an additional dose of the Pfizer-developed vaccine, following the decision by the Food and Drug Administration to allow these boosters on Wednesday.

And German partner BioNTech
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last month. The CDC will consult with an expert panel on Thursday to finalize official recommendations on who should get the booster and when. As the Associated Press reported.

The FDA has also allowed Americans to get booster shots of vaccines that they didn’t get first. This officially allows for “mixing and matching” of shots. In particular, if you have side effects from one brand but need proven protection for vaccination, you can easily get another dose.

Specifically, the FDA has issued a third Moderna six months after the last shot to elderly people and other people at high risk of COVID-19 due to health problems, work, or living conditions. Approved the shot. One big change: Moderna
+ 1.79%

The booster will be half the dose used for the first two shots, based on company data showing that it was enough to boost immunity again.

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For J & J

A single vaccine, the FDA, said all US recipients, regardless of age, could receive a second dose at least two months after the first vaccination.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and BioNTech said earlier Thursday that a late-stage study of a 30 mg booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine showed 95.6% efficacy compared to patients receiving placebo.

In the Phase 3 trial, more than 10,000 people aged 16 years and older participated and had already received the first two-dose series, and boosters restored the vaccine protection against COVID to the high levels achieved after the second dose. I understand. The booster turned out to be safe.

Also: Studies show that by August, there were about 65,000 more men than women in the United States, dying from COVID-19, and black men at higher risk than other men.

“These important data add to a set of evidence suggesting that booster vaccines can help protect a wide range of people from the virus and its variants,” said BioNTech CEO and co-founder. One Ugur Sahin doctor said. Joint statement with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

The two companies plan to submit the data to the Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and other regulatory agencies around the world.

The news comes from the fact that the United States continues to kill more than 1,500 people a day from COVID. According to the New York Times tracker Although the number of cases and hospitalizations are steadily decreasing. The number of new cases has halved since the beginning of September, averaging about 76,496 cases per day.

However, in most cases hospitalization and death are in unvaccinated people, so experts continue to encourage the group to take their shots and avoid dying preventable deaths.

NS CDC Vaccine Tracker It shows that 189.7 million people living in the United States are fully vaccinated. That’s about 57% of the total population, less than 70% needed to stop the epidemic.

Elsewhere, India has reason to celebrate as its program returned to orbit after a difficult start after a billion doses of COVID vaccine. The Times reported. However, about 1.4 billion people are associated with only about 30% of the 900 million people who are eligible for two doses.

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The Lithuanian news portal has turned off public comments on articles about COVID vaccines in an effort to curb conspiracy theories. AFP reported. Approximately 71% of adults in 2.8 million eurozone countries are vaccinated against the disease. This is a much higher percentage than many of the neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe. However, the infection rate has skyrocketed recently.

Bulgaria, Europe’s lowest vaccination rate of only 25%, protests after the government has begun demanding residents to show proof of vaccination to restaurants, cinemas and shopping malls, according to the Times. Facing.

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With new outbreaks of locally transmitted COVID cases in a small number of cities in China, local governments are doubling their career tracking efforts within the country’s zero tolerance policy. Reuters reported. Most of the new cases are in northern and northwestern China.

Singapore suffered a record of 18 deaths from the virus on Wednesday, CNN reported, The limit has been extended for another month. In a news release on Thursday, Singapore’s Ministry of Health said current measures would be extended to November 21 to contain the increased number of cases by more than 3,800 on Wednesday.

Strict Covid-19 vaccine requirements for workers have caused protests in Italy, despite support from most people. The WSJ’s Eric Sylvers reports from Milan, and the new rules give a glimpse of the hurdles the United States may face when carrying out similar missions. Photo: Piero Cruciatti / AFP / Getty Images

Latest tabulation

Globally, the total number of coronavirus-borne diseases exceeded 242 million on Wednesday, with deaths exceeding 4.92 million. Data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University..

The United States continues to lead the world with a total of 45.2 million cases and 731,275 deaths.

India is second only to the United States with 34.1 million people, killing 452.811 people. Brazil has the second highest number of deaths, at 604,228 and 21.7 million.

In Europe, Russia has the highest death toll with 223,331, followed by the United Kingdom with 139,444.

China, The virus was first discovered in late 2019, According to official numbers, there are 109,010 confirmed cases and 4,809 deaths, which are widely believed to be significantly underreported.

The CDC will meet to discuss which patient groups should get the Moderna and J & J COVID-19 vaccine boosters, and Pfizer will report positive results in the booster trial.

Source link The CDC will meet to discuss which patient groups should get the Moderna and J & J COVID-19 vaccine boosters, and Pfizer will report positive results in the booster trial.

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