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    The CDC Panel approves a third dose of Pfizer for high-risk adults

    Lisa Wilson will receive a shot of the Pfizer vaccine at the mobile COVID-19 vaccination site in Orlando, Florida.

    Paul Hennessy | SOPA Images | LightRocket | Getty Images

    A key advisory group at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted Thursday to recommend distribution Pfizer When BioNTechThe Covid-19 booster shot was aimed at older Americans, nursing home residents, and other vulnerable people, paving the way for agencies to give the final OK tonight at the earliest.

    The authorities’ advisory board on the implementation of vaccinations unanimously approved the first four votes to give people over the age of 65 and residents of nursing homes a third Pfizer shot. The panel also recommended a third shot for adults aged 18 to 64 with underlying illness. Many of those groups were one of the first to get their first shots in December and January.

    The Panel rejected Plans 9-6 and struggled over a controversial proposal to give boosters to a large area of ​​the US population. It distributes shots to nursing home staff, people living or working in prisons and homeless shelters, frontline healthcare workers, unpaid caregivers, and other essential workers like teachers. I would have done it.

    Before voting against the proposal, Dr. Pablo Sanchez, a member of the committee, said, “That is, give it to everyone over the age of 18.”

    Dr. Lina Wen, an emergency physician and former Baltimore health commissioner, called the CDC panel’s vote to reject boosters more broadly on Twitter as a “mistake.”

    “Really, many health care workers vaccinated in December do not allow them to get boosters. What about teachers in small classrooms that don’t need masks?” She tweeted, Rochelle Walensky. He added that the director should dismiss the recommendation.

    Recommendations rarely go to the president Joe Biden I wanted. His administration said it plans to give booster shots to people over the age of 16 this week. The CDC panel’s recommendations don’t give the Biden administration everything it wants, but boosters are still on the road for the millions of Americans who first received Pfizer’s shots.

    Approval takes place the day after the Food and Drug Administration Grant an emergency use authorization Many Americans administer a third Pfizer shot six months after completing the first two doses. The CDC Panel Recommendations are not binding, but Warensky is expected to soon accept the Panel’s approval.

    Warensky addressed the committee Thursday before the vote, thanking them for their work and explaining that they were at stake.

    “These data aren’t perfect, but they are what we have at this point to collectively form our big picture and make decisions about the next stage of this pandemic,” she said. rice field.

    Prior to voting, some committee members said that providing boosters widely would hinder efforts to inject unvaccinated people or potentially reduce confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccine. He said he was worried that it could cause him to.Others were dissatisfied with excluding the millions of Americans who were only eligible to take shots by Pfizer recipients. Modana When Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

    Voting took place at the end of the two-day meeting, and CDC advisors heard several presentations on the data to support the widespread distribution of booster shots. This includes one presentation from a Pfizer executive showing data that the third shot appears to be safe. Increases the antibody level of the recipient.

    At a presentation on Thursday, CDC staff Dr. Sara Oliver presented an observational study from Israel. There, authorities began inoculating the country’s population ahead of many other countries and began offering third shots to citizens in late July.

    Israeli data have been criticized by at least one FDA official because so-called observational studies do not comply with the same standards as formal clinical trials.

    “Israel’s experience can be used to gain insight into booster safety,” said Oliver, who said the country known as myocarditis out of the approximately 3 million third doses given. He added that he reported only one rare case of cardiac inflammation.

    The data also suggest that a third dose may reduce the risk of serious illness in the elderly and people with comorbidities, said Dr. Kathleen Douring, a CDC official. Said. Potential risks include myocarditis, which she says is very rare and occurs primarily in men under the age of 30.

    “The third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine seems to have the same immunogenicity as the second dose,” she added.

    The topic of who should get boosters and when has been controversial among the scientific community since the Biden administration outlined plans to distribute boosters widely last month.

    of Published paper A few days before last week’s FDA advisory meeting, a key group of scientists showed that available data show that vaccine protection against severe illness persists, even if efficacy for mild illness diminishes over time. Said that. The author, including two senior FDA officials and several World Health Organization scientists, argued in the medical journal The Lancet that the widespread distribution of booster shots to the general public is not appropriate at this time.

    Overview of plans to start last month Distribute boosters as early as this week, Biden administration officials cited three CDC studies showing that vaccine protection against Covid was reduced over the course of several months. Senior health officials said they were concerned that protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death could diminish in the coming months.

    – CNBC’s Robert Toyy contributed to this report.

    The CDC Panel approves a third dose of Pfizer for high-risk adults

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