The Capitol Attack Panel is working to advance the investigation into subpoenas. | US Capitol Attack


The House Election Committee, investigating the Capitol attack, is considering whether to submit some subpoenas. Donald Trump’s Capitol Hill’s top allies are considering options on how aggressively they should pursue testimony to proceed with the investigation into the January 6 riots.

With Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy Republican Jim Jordan and Scott Perry may have internal knowledge of Trump’s plans to suspend Joe Biden’s election recognition and whether it was coordinated with the Capitol attack.

However McCarthy’s complete refusal Other Republican lawmakers who voluntarily testify in the investigation intensified the debate between panel members and investigators on whether to force their cooperation.

The Commission is undecided whether to take its almost unprecedented steps due to one major concern that has recently surfaced, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Democratic Party For future inquiries.

In a personal conversation, some members of the Election Commission and investigators expressed how appalled McCarthy and Republicans refused to support the investigation and summoned them for testimony. Sources said they felt ready to do so.

However, one major recurring concern raised in the discussion is that subpoenas can cause moral hazard. Republican As many observers think, if the Biden administration is rebuilt after the mid-2022 period, it plans an onslaught of party investigations.

Republicans in Congress have openly highlighted recent outlook. Start of political investigation Biden’s coronavirus reaction, withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s son Hunter’s private life, and impeachment investigation.

In response, some members of the election committee and investigators quietly raised the possibility that if the panel refuses to summon the Republicans now, the majority of the Republicans may not summon the Democrats in the future, sources said. Stated.

This issue is a difficult challenge for the selection committee, which has increased the urgency of the talks after Jordan and Perry refused to cooperate and began serious discussions on the subpoena to the Republican Party, and McCarthy also refused to support the investigation. Proved to be.

The panel was particularly resentful at McCarthy’s refusal, His statement attacking their demands Sources have stepped up interviews as “abuse of power” and investigations into parliamentary rules governing the ability to approve subpoenas.

Even without a formal decision, the possibility of subpoenas is already a touchpoint as the Election Commission is working on the so-called speech and debate provisions of the Constitution that protect members while performing public affairs.

The clause states that lawmakers “must not be asked elsewhere” about speeches and debates, and generally covers all legislative measures that Republicans argue that they do not need to respond to selection committee investigations. Will be interpreted.

However, members of the panel believe that the law has not been extended to protect lawmakers from Congress’s own investigation, and McCarthy, Jordan, and Perry claim immunity when investigating whether the panel is Trump. Reject the idea of ​​being Oversaw a criminal plot..

There is also a precedent for the house to summon its own members. For example, the House Ethics Board, which investigates allegations of misconduct by members of the House of Representatives, has the authority under the rules of subpoenas for members of the House of Representatives. This is an order they cannot refuse.

A spokesperson for the selection committee commented on internal discussions on how aggressive the panel could be to secure cooperation from McCarthy, or whether the panel’s attorneys reached a decision on the matter. Refused to do.

Senator Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the special committee, previously said in a request for cooperation with McCarthy that the panel Conversation between McCarthy and Trump Before, during, and after the attack on the Houses of Parliament.

However, it’s not immediately clear whether McCarthy has substantially new information to share with house investigators beyond what has already been published.

It remains possible that McCarthy, Perry and Jordan will work with the Special Committee in the case of subpoenas to take advantage of potential legal threats to justify a reversal to the Guardian Trump. Report last month Upset by the investigation.

If the selection committee determines that it has the authority and resolution to issue a subpoena, sources say the remaining major questions are likely to be timing issues, and in the best case of the investigation, the panel We need to force their cooperation.

But concerns about Republican retaliation are higher for stakes in issuing summons to Republican lawmakers and McCarthy, who is ready to speak in 2022 if the party regains a majority in the House of Representatives. It reflects the selection committee’s perception that it cannot be.

Additional concerns would be resentment over the ability of the Election Commission to enforce subpoenas on Republicans if they take that step, and the fact that federal judges are essentially becoming a partisan battle in Congress. I’m focused on whether or not.

Congressman Adam Schiff, a member of the special committee, suggested at MSNBC that, for that reason, it is unlikely that the criminal would be tracked down. Contempt of Parliament With rebellious lawmakers, like Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon, former Trump aides.

Promoting Congressional criminal disdain for Republicans may not have time for the Panel to conclude, marking an escalation to test the limits of Congressional subpoenas and threatening to initiate a court battle. Compete to complete the report..

Former Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Tray Gaudi also oversaw email inquiries from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and accused Democrats of supporting enforceability concerns. , A source close to Mr. Gaudi said.

Mr Gaudi faced internal pressure from the House Republican Council for being reluctant to subpoena Democrats, but it would not revoke the power of parliamentary subpoenas if lawmakers simply refused to obey. It was to make it.

As a result, the election committee has only a handful of options left, and seems to be betting on whether Republicans can be ashamed to cooperate.

The Capitol Attack Panel is working to advance the investigation into subpoenas. | US Capitol Attack

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