The biggest iPhone 13 feature isn’t on a spec sheet. It’s in the trade-in offers


Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 13 at an Apple event on Tuesday.


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Apple iPhone 13 When 13 Pro The line seems to offer many welcome improvements. Batteries will be longer, There is Nifty camera tricks, Better display, and even some new color options.This “S” year upgrade is less important, Last year’s redesign and addition of 5G, There are enough here, so Apple could still run millions of iPhones.

Especially when considering carrier prices here in the United States.

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Look at this:

Apple has announced a new iPhone 13 lineup, the Apple Watch series …


All three Major wireless providers have begun introducing new offers This is to have your old device upgraded to these 5G-enabled iPhones. As a trend in recent years, these offers are available to both new and existing customers and offer significant discounts on all versions of the new iPhone 13 if they are committed to upgrading and staying in their career for several years.

This transaction represents a carrier’s push to not only separate customers from each other, but to secure their existing foundation with longer transactions. They opened the sluice of trading last year when companies were trying to attract people to 5G networks and continue to launch the iPhone 13. It’s a good time for those looking for deals, but consumers should be aware that it can last up to three years.

Apple even allowed a career discount in a presentation with Kaiann Drance, vice president of iPhone product marketing on Tuesday. When mentioning the price of the iPhone 13, he said, “I have a great offer from Apple and its partners.”

AT & T offers up to $ 1,000 off iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max and up to $ 700 off iPhone 13 and Mini, basically freeing iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Mini. Verizon offers the iPhone 13 for up to $ 800 off, covering the base cost of the 13 and Mini.

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Both carriers need to trade in fairly recent calls to take advantage of unlimited plans (for Verizon, current higher-tier unlimited services such as Do More, Get More, Play More or old Above Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans. One of the) Get full credit. AT & T also requires the device to be in good working order, but Verizon can be used with any phone, including phones with a broken screen, as long as the battery isn’t damaged.

T-Mobile’s most proactive suggestions are actually provided directly by Apple. If you purchased from Apple and traded on iPhone X or later, the company will offer a minimum of $ 200 credit for the phone price from Apple and a minimum of $ 200 credit from T-Mobile. If you’re trading on a new device and have a top plan for a carrier known as Magenta Max, these numbers can quickly jump.

If you have a Magenta Max and are trading on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple will return $ 790 and T-Mobile will kick an additional $ 500 through billing credits, saving a total of $ 1,290. ..

More directly, T-Mobile offers up to $ 500 off the price of iPhone 13 series phones as long as they raise money on installment plans and trade in eligible devices. This offer does not require a Magenta Max plan and works with any other offering in the company.


Sarah Tew / CNET

Play to keep

The pitfall in all cases is that the discount is returned as a monthly billing credit, so you have to be willing to stay in your chosen carrier.

The AT & T contract requires the phone to be funded for 36 months. Verizon will need to raise funds for either a 24-month or 30-month period, but T-Mobile’s Apple contract will provide some of the carrier’s promotions through 24-month billing credits. (You can trade in your phone call to Apple as an instant credit). T-Mobile’s $ 500 off direct promotion requires the purchase of iPhone 13 with a 30-month installment plan.

In any case, if you cancel the service or leave early, you run the risk of losing your remaining billing credits and being charged your outstanding phone balance.

“Currently, US carriers are rolling out 5G networks in earnest and are trying to strengthen their subscriber base to stop competition,” said Avi Greengart, an industry analyst at Techsponential. Says. “They are all steadily paying off by linking these transactions to the most expensive service plans, demanding trade-in, and extending subsidies to two or three years.”

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Look at this:

Apple announces iPhone 13


In addition to today’s upgrade offers, some carriers like T-Mobile have added new incentives to keep people on the network for even longer, well beyond the iPhone 12 or 13.

Called the “Forever Upgrade,” the carrier will start on Friday with a trade-in price of up to $ 800 to people on the network who buy a new iPhone 12 or 13 and have the highest level of magenta max plans (other old, higher). Is guaranteed. -End T-Mobile or Sprint plans are also eligible).

Like all other transactions, there are pitfalls. In addition to the plan requirements, the $ 800 trade-in price won’t happen unless you wait two years to keep your device in good working order. At that point, you can trade in your iPhone again, spend the money on your new device, and continue the cycle.

Career transactions such as those offered by T-Mobile “are aimed at increasing consumer loyalty and keeping people in the loop,” said Anshel Sag, senior analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy. I am.

And because many of these deals require a higher tier of unlimited plans, Sag said that carriers would “rather than let someone else with a more aggressive iPhone offer go to them. It’s happier to retain customers. “

The biggest iPhone 13 feature isn’t on a spec sheet. It’s in the trade-in offers Source link The biggest iPhone 13 feature isn’t on a spec sheet. It’s in the trade-in offers


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