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    The best attractions in Cancun (2022)

    You can’t go to Cancun and not know Cancun, right? In other words, a tour of the area is unavoidable and can be a good hint of what to do on the day of your arrival. But what exactly is there to do in Cancun?

    The city has hotels, shopping, theme parks and beaches and a large airport. If visiting Cancun is one of your resolutions for this 2022, here are the highlights to include in your travel itinerary for next year.

    Travel back in time at the Mayan Museum of Cancun

    The best attractions in Cancun (2022)

    Cancun is known for its beautiful beaches and sunsets; and because it also holds a fascinating history, as the area was inhabited by the ancient Mayans. The Mayan Museum of Cancun features exhibits on how the Mayas lived in artistic, cultural and daily life.  To get to this iconic tour you can easily take a service with Cancun transportation that will take you to the museum.

    The museum was inaugurated in November 2012, and is located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. It has a collection of more than three thousand objects including handicrafts, historical artifacts, tools, among others. Most of them were discovered in sites near the city.

    Within its collection, it also includes important elements from other states such as Chiapas, Yucatan and Tabasco, which makes it one of the most important archaeological museums of the Mayan culture. The place is organized by rooms: the first room of the museum focuses on the Mayan archeology of the State of Quintana Roo; the second reveals data and findings of the civilization in the rest of the country; and the third room presents temporary and avant-garde exhibitions of artists from the region.

    At the back of the museum is the archaeological zone of San Miguelito. To access it, you have to follow a winding path through the vegetation. This site was home to a Mayan community. Today it is a group of temples, pyramids and stone homes in ruins.

    Nichupté Lagoon: contact with the natural world

    The best attractions in Cancun 2022 2

    If you love outdoor activities, you will love Nichupté Lagoon. You can fish, swim, paddle a kayak, snorkel, scuba dive and do a myriad of other activities. It is a place to reconnect with nature because it allows you to interact with the flora and fauna belonging to the region, and it is advisable to book an excursion in advance.

    The jungle is inspired by its impressive color that contrasts with the water of the lagoon, which houses a coral reef. If you have the opportunity to take a boat ride, don’t think too much about it. The tour is a lot of fun, as you can explore the mangroves and small islands where an impressive number of birds coexist. You can even rent a jet ski to go into the lagoon.

    Our final recommendations are to wear comfortable clothes, insect repellent and use a sunscreen that is friendly to the planet so as not to contaminate the water of the lagoon,  to get here easily, you can use the service of the company Cancun Airport Transportation, which will provide you and your companions with a totally private service.

    Breathe fresh air at “Kabah Urban Park”

    Within the city you can also find green areas. The most outstanding is the “Kabah Park”. It is located in downtown Cancun and its mission is to make national and international tourists aware of the importance of taking care of the ecosystem in a recreational way. It is a family attraction, especially for children. The site has a zoo that houses a variety of wild animals. You can learn more about reptiles such as iguanas and crocodiles, as well as mammals of the region such as coatis, deer, and many other species.

    You can plan a walk with friends, learn more about animals, take your children to the playground and take advantage of the picnic area. The place can be described as a great trail surrounded by palm trees and abundant gardens. Also, there is a small hut in the center that displays images about the beginnings of the town, as well as historical stories and exhibits of replicas of Frida Khalo’s paintings.

    Delight in the turquoise waters of Playa Gaviota Azul

    The best attractions in Cancun (2022)

    The first thing people think of when you tell them about Cancun is the beach. The Mexican Caribbean beaches have a feature that is preferred by thousands of tourists a year, which makes them never want to return home. Gaviota Azul Beach is located 9.5 kilometers from Cancun’s Hotel Zone, near the discotheques. It has unique characteristics that make it a beach different from the others, but sharing the experience of enjoying a paradisiacal place.

    The color of the sea is turquoise. The access is by the side of the Forum By The Sea shopping center. On the beach is the Mandala Beach Club (the most famous and perhaps the only beach club in Cancun). From Playa Gaviota Azul you can walk north to Punta Cancun, near the Krystal Grand and the Hyatt Ziva, where the sea is very calm. To get to this famous beach you can use a Cancun shuttle service.


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