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    The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Makes It to Minnesota?

    Be careful of single spoilers! Be careful of single spoilers!

    Please consider this Be careful of single spoilers!

    Don’t say you’re not warned, dear readers …

    At this point in her journey, Michelle Young narrowed down the list of potential husbands to eight.

    We already know who will ultimately capture Young’s heart (yes, Single winner Already leaked! ), But many questions remain:

    Who will advance to the last four of Young?

    Who will take a major step towards meeting Michelle’s friends and family in Minnesota?

    Michelle Young at the Rose Ceremony

    Through Reality Steve, you can start by confirming the following: Nighte Orkoya Have a one-on-one date with Michelle on 10,000 lake lands.

    He and his 28-year-old school teacher board a pontoon boat on Lake Minnetonka before arriving at another lake called Sir Fletcher.

    When they get there, Michelle and Naite play volleyball with two of their former friends.

    And then there, Fireworks continue in downtown Minneapolis near US Bank Stadium

    Michelle Young close-up

    Elsewhere, according to Reality Steve, Brandon Jones Spend time with Michelle’s parents.

    This special day will take place at Michelle’s parents’ home in Minnesota, just before the penultimate Rose Ceremony, which takes place a week before the date of this season’s hometown.

    Do you want to follow it all?

    Michelle and Brandon J’s date includes a night stroll through the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis.

    Michelle Young at a cocktail party

    Who ends up on these hometown dates?

    The reality Steve points out Nayte, Brandon J., Joe, Rodney MathewsThe latter is a 29-year-old sales representative in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

    However, I apologize to Joe and Rodney, neither of which goes beyond this episode.

    Indeed, Michelle heads to Naite and her finale, and Brandon is her two finalists.

    Pretend to be taught by Michelle Young

    “It’s going to be emotional. It’s going to be really, really emotional,” Michelle recently told Entertainment Tonight at the finale.

    “There is clarity and confusion.”

    What a rare thing!

    Most seasons of a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree end with making a very simple decision, knowing exactly who the star will choose. just kidding.

    Single promo image

    Meanwhile, Young told ET about his next opportunity to leave Palm Springs’ bachelorette set / mansion for his home country.

    “When you can go to someone’s hometown, you learn a lot about them from the experiences they have experienced,” Young explained.

    “For me, it really made me look like men and I could see how they fit into those parts of your life. [rather] Rather than just talking about it. “

    Will Michelle be engaged in making her run crazy?

    Michelle Young waits for her turn

    As you can imagine, she was a mom on this topic.

    “I don’t regret the decision I made.

    “I learned a lot in the process … I feel like I’ve done everything I can. I adhered to who I am. I have no regrets.

    “I’m trying to accept it as I go … I didn’t want to give up the pain. I didn’t want to give up the good feelings.”

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