The assault on US democracy has accelerated since the attack on the US Capitol | US Politics


On January 6, 2021, it seemed that the seams that tied American democracy could finally collapse. When armed supporters of the defeated president besieged the Capitol, the US Congress did something special – it suspended official proceedings to prove the winner of the presidential election.

The attack was eventually stopped and Congress returned to officially prove Joe Biden’s victory. “They tried to disrupt our democracy. Senator Republican leader Mitch McConnell said when the Senate returned to the session.

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But efforts to disrupt and undermine American democracy did not end on January 6. In fact, it’s been speeding up in 12 months since then.

Worked in the US Open Republican We have begun a systematic effort to undermine the post-election voting process and the people who count it. A year after Donald Trump’s efforts to steal the 2020 elections failed, the Republicans installed machines to ensure that future attempts would be successful. The chances of election theft in the United States are higher than ever.

In recent years, there has been a warning about how Republicans are enthusiastic about oppressing voters: changing election rules to make voting harder. But what’s happening right now, experts say, is an effort to manage election management and count votes.

“What we are seeing is an unprecedented, multifaceted attack on the foundations of our democracy,” said Wendy Weiser, who directs the democracy program at the Brennan Center for Justice. “We are really looking at all-out efforts to undermine US election management.”

Republicans have built this attack around three pillars. First, they fostered and instigated doubts about the outcome of the 2020 elections. Second, they passed a new law that injects more factions into election administration. And third, they have sought to take over a major election office capable of exercising enormous unilateral power over ballot counting and post-election certification.

The Republicans adopted the idea of ​​elections stolen from around political discourse and made it an orthodox party. Senior Republicans blamed fellow members who argued that the election was illegal. At the state level, Republicans continued to spread false accusations about the 2020 vote and accepted anomalous and partisan reviews of the 2020 elections using crude methodologies to question the outcome.

A so-called “audit” of Arizona’s 2020 results confirmed Joe Biden’s victory, but clouded the security of the election. Photo: Courtney Pedroza / Getty Images

In Arizona, hired by Republicans Cyber ​​ninjaAn election-inexperienced company that leads an extensive review of election results in the state’s largest presentation Affirmation It suggested that there was irregularity as well as Biden’s victory. The allegations were quickly explained and revealed.Republicans in Wisconsin approved Their own post-election investigation was led by a former Supreme Court judge, Hired partisan staff, Intimidation prison Some mayors of the state’s largest cities and he said he didn’t know how Elections work..

2020, playing cards Allies push State councilor Georgia and Arizona refuse to vote for popularity in the state and choose their own voters. The effort was unsuccessful. But the focus on undermining 2020 results seems to be that legislators have laid the groundwork for this to succeed since 2024, according to Protect Democracy, which is tracking efforts to overthrow the election. Lawyer Jessica Marsden said.

“In both Arizona and Georgia, you had a governor who was willing to agree with the game, they would have done it very clearly to abandon the votes of their own members. “Marsden said. “What a disinformation campaign does is try to reduce the political cost of throwing away election results by creating a lot of uncertainty about what the real consequences are.”

Effort seems to be working – 71% According to a recent UMass Amherst survey, Republican supporters believe Biden’s victory is not justified.

Last year, in 2021, there was a surge in bills trying to disrupt election management. As of mid-December last year, 262 election-blocking bills were submitted in 41 states, according to the US Democracy Center. Thirty-two of these bills are legislated in 17 states.

Among them is a new Georgia law that empowers state legislators to review local election commissions and replace them if the state election commission determines that they are performing poorly.Apart from that law, Georgian Republicans Acted quietly Exclude Democrats from the status of the County Election Arkansas law Allow state officials to investigate fraud and remove local election officials from the post if necessary.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson suggested that the Republican-controlled legislature in his state should unilaterally take control of the elections.
Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson suggested that the Republican-controlled legislature in his state should unilaterally take control of federal elections. Photo: Michael Reynolds / EPA

In Wisconsin, Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson has said that Republican-controlled legislatures will unilaterally insist on controlling federal elections and eliminate the six bipartisan committees that hold elections in the state. I made a suggestion.Republicans in the state legislature Criminal punishment For committee members and their independent managers.

“What’s happening in Wisconsin is like a canary in a coal mine, though it’s spread all over the United States,” said Democrat Anne Jacobs, who chairs a committee of six that oversees Wisconsin’s elections. rice field. “There are Republican factions that openly accept the idea that people’s votes shouldn’t be counted.”

Republicans who believe in elections beyond the law Stolen We have also begun aggressive efforts to win the election of the Secretary of State, the best election commissioner in many places. They target offices in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. These are all the major swing states in which the secretary played an important role in ensuring a fair number of votes in 2020.

Republicans in Michigan Tap In some counties, refusals who are members of the local elections committee responsible for accrediting local elections play a role that can cause significant damage in future elections.

That effort came last year as the flood of electoral authorities quit their jobs in the face of harassment and other threat floods, opening up opportunities for inexperienced partisan workers to fill the void. It raised concerns about what would happen in the 2024 presidential election, especially if Trump was run again.

Democrats are still looking for ways to prevent this kind of destruction.

Freedom to voteOne of the two drastic voting rights bills stuck in Congress will ban the dismissal of electoral officers for no reason and strengthen the protection of electoral workers. You also need to use paper voting paper, create a paper trail for post-election confirmation, and set minimum election standards for election rules. However, the Democrats have promised to find a way to pass the bill, but have not yet found a way to avoid filibuster.

Democrats are looking for ways to move forward, but Brennan Center expert Weiser said the Republican campaign seems to have already succeeded.

“We are taking voting restraints. We have resigned qualified professional election managers across the country,” she said. “Governor-level election office candidates say they refuse to prove election results if they don’t get certain results.

“We are seriously damaging the electoral system that is already in place. We are already going to live together.”

The assault on US democracy has accelerated since the attack on the US Capitol | US Politics

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